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Good Morning, It’s Good To Be Alive!

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comGood morning fellow seekers and believers. A warm welcome also to ye of little faith. It is indeed a blessing to greet you at the dawn of yet another perfect Solstice day in this miraculous annual progression of human history. It is December 21st, 2012 and it is exactly 11:11 GMT, the official time of the Solstice. Take a deep breath, you are indeed still alive!

If you are one of the more adventurous and spirited among us, you may very well find yourself today on a Mayan galactic alignment cruise or magical pilgrimage to the Chichen Itza in the Mexican state of Yucatan, or at Stonehenge in the United Kingdom, waiting for the first light to break on the horizon. I can only imagine how much fun you must be having!

It appears to me 2012 isn’t a spiritual awakening, but instead, a human one. It is the disillusionment from the nonsense being sold to us from gurus for centuries and the empowerment of our true selves ~ Steve Maraboli

If you are more pessimistically inclined, you may however be searching for alien evacuation portals on Apocalypse Island in Chile, or you may very well be reading this from the comfort of the 2012 survival bunker you built in your backyard, whilst snacking on the emergency supply of canned food and water you have carefully stocked up since 2010.

Most people are however simply on their way to work this morning – facing yet another hectic day at the office, and later possibly some last minute holiday shopping at a snail’s pace in another traffic jam. Is it not great to be alive! And like our ancestors have done for millennia, and like our children’s grandchildren will do for many more, we are once again today witnessing the shortest, or longest day of the year, depending on the hemisphere in which you find yourself.

Today’s Solstice is however, as you surely know by now, also of unique significance to some people around the world. Yes, indeed, today is that official ‘dark doomsday’ we have been hearing about for several years now. It has finally arrived – the time of ‘the shift’, or the ‘end of time’, depending on how you choose to look at things. Yes, it is December, 21st 2012 – the date on which the ancient Mayan calendar is said to come to a grinding halt. And as most of us predicted, the world did not meet a tragic fate in some calamitous catastrophe. Could it be that the Mayans really did just run out of stone to chisel on?

Humans just keep picking these false endings to poke at themselves for motivation sake… This time-space reality has the wherewithal to support you farther than you mind can comprehend time! ~ Abraham-Hicks

As you may well know, the controversy, fear-mongering and apocalyptic opinions regarding this significant date have been widespread and omnipresent for many years now. In fact, the hysteria reached such a fever-pitch some time ago, that most people seemed to have completely lost interest in the whole affair in recent months. Everyone clearly had had enough of the constant bombardment, and all the doom prophecies therefore lost most of its hot air. Even the Mayan spiritual elders, with all their patience and access to ancient wisdom, were fed up.

It is no secret that most of the hype around the year 2012 originated from the money-lenders and merchants who continue to ply their trade inside the temple, like wolves in sheep’s clothing. A year or two ago it was impossible to log into any online spiritual forum, or watch any paranormal TV show, without being confronted with some form of 2012 hullabaloo. But what goes up must come down, and in recent months the stacks of 2012 books on store shelves were clearly gathering dust. Today many of the half truths, and much of the fear-mongering, will thankfully come to an end. The feeding frenzy is finally over, for the time being anyway, and Mother Earth continues to spin on her axis as she always has. I just have one concern. What on earth will the publishers and vendors be doing with all those unsold 2012 books? I also shudder at the thought of how many rain forests were destroyed in the process.

Of course, in 2013 ye shall also hear of more gloom and rumors of doom, but see that ye be not troubled dear friend. And please keep your wallet or your purse tightly zipped. We live in an abundant Universe where well-being is plentiful, and freely available, and balance and harmony always somehow abounds. For most of us today is just a wonderfully ordinary day, with good weather in some places and a few bad patches in other, just as it always has been, and always will be.

If I went to some Mayan-speaking communities and asked people what is going to happen in 2012, they wouldn’t have any idea. That the world is going to end? They wouldn’t believe you. We have real concerns these days, like rain ~ Jose Huchim

If you are one of the lucky people sitting in a traffic jam, or an office cubicle, or especially if you are on vacation, do yourself a favor and take a look outside your window right now. Look up at the wide, open sky and remind yourself that all is well in your world. Well-being and prosperity surrounds you all day, every day. You are truly blessed.

Do you not feel the yearning in your heart for hope and inner peace; do you not long to have faith in better days ahead? Do not drift unconsciously and without reflection through the labyrinth of a disconnected, cynical life. Do not fear the natural world. And most of all do not forfeit your Divine right to a life free from struggle, anxiety and suffering. Also, do not surrender your inner Divine guidance to the paranoid opinions, greed and morbid false beliefs of others.

Find your truth within. Embrace your bliss. Jump feet first into a life of joy and fulfillment. Live in harmony with yourself, your fellow man and the wonderful planet we inhabit. Make today the first day of the rest of your earthly existence. Simply choose today to flow with the miracles of life, and become more in tune with the gentle wisdom and powerful pulse that is our conscious Universe. Your life is singular, unique and wonderful. A Divine life of abundance, well-being, peace and prosperity is your sacred birthright. You simply need to embrace it. Claim it. The Universe shall provide for you always.

About The Author: Anthon St Maarten

Anthon St Maarten is an international psychic medium, intuitive consultant and destiny coach. He has been consulting professionally as psychic medium since 2004 and has since established himself as a trusted advisor to many people all over the world. He is also a sought-after inspirational speaker, metaphysics teacher, radio personality, spiritual author and blogger, with a special interest in New Thought spirituality, metaphysics, parapsychology, mediumship and psychic phenomena. He is best known for his bestselling practical spirituality book Divine Living: The Essential Guide To Your True Destiny You can get a psychic reading from Anthon at

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