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Heal Your Home With A House Blessing

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comWhen you purchase a new home a ‘house blessing’ is recommended, especially if it is an older house with more history. An old family home, like ours that dates back five generations, usually hosts high levels of imprinted energy.

I have always sensed that many family events and life experiences have occurred in our house. We have been able to trace the property’s origins back to 1750, so the place as no doubt witnessed its fair share of birth and death, joy and sadness, hope and despair. In fact, I even know in which room my dad was born.

But no home is ever a flawless sanctuary or the perfect ‘happy place.’ Whatever house you may move into, there is bound to be some level of negative energy that still lingers from its previous occupants. A house blessing can help ‘clear the air,’ so to speak.

If you enter a house and instantly feel a little uncomfortable, especially in a specific area or room, chances are something unpleasant happened there. This may range from something as benign as unresolved arguments that repeatedly occurred there, to verbal abuse, physical violence, substance abuse, extreme illness, intense grief, suicide, and even rape or murder.

Apart from the energy imprints left behind by former occupants, some older homes may also be haunted by the attached spirit energies of deceased former residents, as well as in exceptional cases by other spirit entities. These paranormal energies can be present as either residual or intelligent hauntings, or both.

Sometimes they find there’s residual energy from previous owners. It’s like buying a shirt from a thrift shop: You’d wash it before wearing. It’s the same with a house ~ Darshana Patel

If can obviously be very unsettling for new occupants to share their home with spirit energies that have overstayed their welcome. A house blessing ceremony can get them to move on, or at least calm down and be quiet. The outcome of a house blessing varies, depending on the particular circumstances and unique history of the house. It has been my personal experience that most spirits are not ‘stuck’ there, but rather choose to hang around a certain space.

We all have a personal energy field, also known as the aura, that extends beyond our physical body. When we enter a person’s energy field when they are having a really bad day, we pick up on it. Even if the person insists that everything is okay, we can sense that they are not. Of course, some people are more sensitive to energies than others. If something does not feel right about a house from the outset, it is usually best to move on and keep looking.

When I do house blessings for clients, they often tell me that land or the house ‘picked them’ or ‘spoke to them.’ The place just ‘felt right’ the moment they walked in, even if the house was not exactly what they expected or were looking for. Some houses are ‘charismatic,’ just like people. You instantly feel good there. I find these house blessings to be simple and easy, but also less interesting as a professional. It is merely a matter of ‘cleaning the slate’ for the new owners.

This is however not always the case. For example, I officiated a house blessing recently at a brand new place right up the street from where I live. I had watched it being built for many months, and every time I went by I always felt only ‘good vibes.’ I was therefore very intrigued when the owners contacted me to perform a house blessing for them.

Why would a brand new house that has never been inhabited need a blessing? Well, it turns out there was some unwanted vibes in the place. This sometimes happens because every individual who works on the construction of the house brings with them their own energy from their personal lives, and they also interact with other builders and contractors on the site, for better or worse. In some cases, this can go all the way back to the people who laid the foundation!

There are some homes, especially older homes, that sometimes have residual energy from the original owners, perhaps someone who built the home. They might stick around for a while and let their presence be known ~ Maureen Hancock 

I always start the blessing with the property lines the house is on. Vibes come with the land the house is built on. With this recent blessing, there was a long energy history on the property itself, despite the house being new. Many generations lived on that piece of land in the past, but the residual spirit energies there were very benevolent and happy to welcome the new inhabitants. In fact, the spirit of a former owner is looking forward to see vegetable gardens and flowers on the land again, that would nourish the bees. He was a beekeeper when he lived there.

All the energies were very good on the property and inside house. The only negative vibe I got came from a stove the owners had inherited. Apparently, the relatives who previously owned the stove used to argue a lot. I soon helped that negative energy to move right along and out of the house, replacing it with healing, loving energy.

When I do a house energy  cleansing, I always ask the clients what they are wanting to achieve. Clear intention is the most important aspect of all energy work. One must clarify the intention, focus on the desired result, trust the process, and firmly believe it will be successful. Performing a blessing without the client believing it will work does not yield the best results. The ritual may also be repeated, should the owners feel it necessary.

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Elizabeth's talents go back several generations. She found her own gifts and embraced them at an early age, recognizing the difference between herself and most others around her. She's since honed and mastered many metaphysical practices, providing hypnotherapy, Psychic Mediumship, Mysticism, and Hypno-Reiki to her clients in Maine, and in areas around the US and in Canada, where she travels. A lover of pets, they are her greatest teachers and these unconditionally loving creatures often chime in on a reading in addition to the Angels, Guides and loved ones who provide resolution and answers for each of her clients. Elizabeth is also an author with much spiritual wisdom to impart and is currently working on a book. If you'd like to be a recipient of her unique Psychic Wisdom, find peace and receive answers that will also benefit your highest good, you can reach Elizabeth at Psychic Access.

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