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Dating Guidelines For Astrological Compatibility

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comAs a professional astrologer, I’m often asked by clients if their zodiac sign is compatible with someone they are interested in, or currently dating. For this purpose, I have developed over the years through study and experience some simple, yet essential guidelines for astrological romance.

If you are in search of your soulmate, consider the following cosmic guidelines:

Never Date A Neighbor

Rarely are we compatible with the sun signs preceding or following our own sign in the zodiac, even though they flow into one another. Exceptions to this guideline are the Fire and Earth signs: Aries with Taurus, Leo with Virgo, and Sagittarius with Capricorn, but only if the fire sign partner has distinct personality traits of the divine feminine and the earth sign partner tends more towards the divine masculine.

Opposites Rarely Attract

Traditional astrology books on compatibility suggest seeking out the sun sign opposite to your own sign, but in my experience these differences can often be dealbreakers in this day and age. While we want variety and choice in a relationship, I find most people are rarely truly attracted to the signs opposite theirs.

Exploring your natal chart alongside a potential partner’s can be a wonderful way to see if and how you’ll innately get one another ~ Maressa Brown

It Is Indeed Elementary

One can seldom go wrong if you date within your own element: fire with fire, air with air, water with water, earth with earth. Ideally, you’ll want to connect with either of the two sun signs other than your own for optimum triangular or pyramid power, for example:

  • Aries with Leo or Sagittarius
  • Taurus with Virgo or Capricorn
  • Gemini with Libra or Aquarius
  • Cancer with Scorpio or Pisces

Be Out Of Your Element

I find for some people it can be good to ignore the above guideline and instead go for someone outside their element. It may however be best to first have your natal chart analysed to see if such an adventure is in fact advisable for you as an individual. Bear in mind that such a relationship may come with its own set of challenges, but also rewards.

Here are some examples of the experiences you might have with such unions:

  • Fire + Earth = passion and devotion, or lessons of transformation
  • Fire + Air = creativity and adventure, or conflict and miscommunication
  • Fire + Water = steamy, major chemistry, or emotional ups and downs
  • Earth + Air = supportive and inspiring, or frustrating and restrictive
  • Earth + Water = enduring loyalty and security, or ‘muddy’ and confusing
  • Air + Water = emotionally transforming, or intellectually stifling

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

Pay careful attention to the astrological sign you most often have had positive dating experiences with. Do you tend to date Libras? Cancers? Capricorns? There could be a pattern here that you should be more aware of. In your search for love, consider looking for someone of this sign, as well as the other two signs of the same element, as explained above.

Similarly, you may also have had your worst dating and relationship experiences with a particular zodiac, which you may want to avoid in the future. After all, you’ve already witnessed the red flags!

Consult A Professional

If you’ve met someone you have amazing chemistry with, and you have access to their accurate birth information, it is always a good idea to get a reputable astrologer to compile a synastry chart for you. It will give you deeper insight into the compatibility of the relationship and its future potential.

A professional astrologer will compare your Sun elements, Moon elements, as well as the Venus and Mars aspects. They will also know how to identify karmic unions, past life connections, and what gifts and challenges will come with the relationship.

About The Author: Amy

Amy resides in Arizona, but through her extensive travels, she has accumulated much knowledge and love for other cultures. She is a member of the Southwest Tarot Readers Association and follows her local Arizona chapter of Astrology. Amy has been a featured guest on metaphysical radio shows, she's provided readings at conferences and corporate events, has delivered lectures on developing your own psychic abilities, and she has shared her expertise on Tarot and Astrology, having earned her certification in both disciplines. Amy grew up seeing orbs and feeling energies but brings over twenty years of practical experience to the table as an accurate Psychic, Tarot Reader, Astrologer and Medium. She has read for hundreds of clients, including one very high-profile crooner! She is always expanding her metaphysical tool belt, offering her clients many delights on her magical menu, including channeling, dream life interpretation, crystal healing, and past life exploration. If you'd like a powerful reading that will also empower you to lead a happier, more rewarding life, you can find Amy at

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