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The Spiritual Power Of Color

Click Here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comColor is a bridge between the spiritual and physical and can have powerful impact upon our emotions and well-being. We all have colors that are our favorites, that we use personally, and in our homes, to create a sense of joy, beauty, relaxation or passion and excitement.

There are many applications for specific colors in various spiritual pursuits and practices. Various meanings are also applied according to cultural beliefs. The Chakras, for instance, are identified by color, as well as their location in the body. Chakra therapy usually also encourages the visualization of colors, while focusing on specific charkas.

Spiritually, color can impart both information, as in the reading of aura colors, and energy, as in healing. The aura is the energy field surrounding living beings which is ‘visible’ to those who are clairvoyantly sensitive.

Color therapy, or chromopathy, is becoming a very popular alternative therapy. The principle of color therapy is that different colors carry different energy frequencies, and therefore they can be used to address specific concerns. Studies have shown that color can affect mood, heart rate, alertness, and impulsivity, to name but a few.

Certain colors tend to have significant spiritual therapeutic properties, and science has recognized the impact of these same colors on the brain and emotions. Green, blue, yellow and red are examples.

Colour is just light of varying wavelengths and frequencies. Electromagnetic waves constantly surround us, and colour is part of those waves. Every single cell in the body needs light energy. Our cells absorb colour, and this affects us on every level, physically, emotionally and spiritually ~ Rosemarie Wicks

In color therapy green is seen to be the most balancing of all colors. As we know there is abundance of green in Mother Nature and science has found green to trigger not only relaxation, but also feelings of safety. Color therapists usually consider green the safest color and typically start color therapy with it.

Strong blues have been shown to stimulate clear thought, while lighter blues tend to calm the mind and aid in concentration.  In 2009, blue lights were installed at the end of platforms on Tokyo’s Yamanote railway line to reduce the incidence of suicide. As a result of the success of these lights, suicides declined by 74% and similar colored lighting has since been installed at Gatwick’s Airport train.

In color therapy blue is seen as a ‘cold’ color that can be used to help you become more peaceful, and it is therefore recommended for meditation.

You are part of the hologram of life, surrounded by an aura or energy field that radiates distinct colour and vibrations… More of each of these qualities, peace, wellness, stability, maturity and fulfilment may become your ever present precious possession by the application of colour’s power in our daily living ~ Morton Walker

Yellow is used in color therapy to stimulate energy and encourage action. This color literally represents the Sun and tends to inspire happiness and joy. It can bring out your intelligence and wisdom. Science shows that the yellow stimulates or activates the left brain and generates an emotional feeling of optimism and confidence.

In her book, Color Therapy Plain and Simple: The Only Book You Will Ever Need, author Nina Ashby provides practical, as well as spiritual information on the use and meaning of color in our lives. It is obvious that color can have an effect on our spirit, mind and body. Many of our favorite colors evoke memories and feelings of happiness, peace and or joy. Learning to understand and utilize color in our daily lives enhances our mind body connection in powerful ways.

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