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Balance, Flow And Your Perception

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comSo much of our lives seems to be about balance. We spend so much time and energy trying to become more balanced. We are taught that if we balance our life things will be easier. If we are balanced we will be more in tune with nature. Balance your checkbook. Balance your weight. Balance your life and lifestyle. So many people feel as though they have failed themselves by never achieving this balance.

Well, maybe we are going about it all wrong. There was a time, when I believed all things in this universe were balanced. But, when you really stop to think about it. Nothing in this universe is balanced. It is continually flowing.

If we think about our solar system. It isn’t balanced at all. It continuously flows. The planets move in a procession through space. Harmonizing gracefully with one another. Rivers flow. Water flows. Our bodies, comprised mostly of water, flow. The blood in our veins, flows.

Life is like riding a bicycle – in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving ~ Albert Einstein

Our minds are never still, our thoughts are constantly flowing. Glass, may appear to be solid, but in reality, it is forever flowing. Look at a  piece of glass that has been in the same position for 75 or 100 years. The bottom is thicker and the top is thinner. As, gravity has pulled it. It has flowed.

So, again maybe we can learn something from nature. Instead of trying to balance everything, which by the way is impossible. Maybe, we should focus more on finding ways to flow harmoniously through our life. If we are forever trying to do the impossible. We are forever defeated. The world isn’t going to stop and allow us to balance it. So, instead of working against it, we should figure out where we fit into it and just go with it.

If you don’t know where you fit in the scheme of things. Look at it like this. The universe and nature aren’t concerned with the material things. And, maybe we shouldn’t be so consumed by them either. Maybe we should step away from our computers and television sets and cell phones and try to learn a little bit more about who we really are.

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change ~ Wayne W. Dyer

How many of us have actually spend enough time alone to get to know ourselves? Without a television program telling us who we are. Or, the computer telling us someone else’s perception of the world. We need to spend less time listening to the horrors of the news and media, and more time perceiving the world for ourselves.

Spend less time trying to change the world and the people in it. Change begins with you. As long as we are caught up in someone else’s perception of things, we are in fact trapped. Perception, is not reality. Once we free ourselves from these traps. Get to know  and understand ourselves by and through our own perception. It will become clear where you fit into the scheme of things.

The perception that we think is our own is often someone else’s. And, it is very jaded. Very misleading and very misguided. It is sinister. It has an agenda, and if you’re paying attention, it’s not a good one. Change the way you see the world. And, you can change the world you see.

About The Author: Dawn Star

Dawn Star is a Master Tarot reader, relationship specialist, numerology and palm reading expert from Nebraska who rose to her full psychic potential after coming back from a near death experience. Powerful mentors on the other side gave her a crash course on her abilities, and then brought her back with a powerful mission to benefit mankind through her psychic talents. In her twenty year practice, she has solved murders, found missing children and watched traumatic events unfold, ahead of time. A seeker of Truth, Dawn Star's stunning Truths can be made available to you with a reading at

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