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The Intuitive Benefits Of Meditation

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comMeditation led me to a major spiritual awakening and increased psychic awareness. Meditation allows us to become more spiritually aware, enlightened, and more open to the spirit realm.

When I first started meditating, I would often become distracted or even fall asleep. It used to frustrate me, because I feared I might ever be able to achieve a proper state of meditation. But I persevered and kept trying for a few minutes every night. Eventually, I found that I could get into a meditative state more easily, without losing focus or drifting off. So, be patient and give yourself time in the beginning to get used this different state of consciousness.

Once you become more skilled and meditate frequently, you will soon notice that you are becoming much more intuitive. You will feel more tuned in to other people and your surroundings, and may begin to pick up on more energetic information.

A powerful way to increase your psychic awareness using a meditative state is focus on any point of light or object and then ‘zone out’ as if you are daydreaming. I like to practice by focusing on a silver picture frame in my bedroom. A crystal or candle flame are also good options.

Once you have become good at entering the meditative state by focusing on something, try to do it when you are out and about. You may begin to notice that people and objects look somewhat ‘hazy,’ as if they have a glare around them. This is actually the aura or energy field of the object or person.

With frequent mindful meditation your metaphysical awareness will become more heightened over time. In a state of daily meditative awareness, it feels as if God, Source, Spirit, the Universe begins to speak to you in secret.

Meditation unlocks our psychic abilities by helping us to reach states of non-attachment where we can clearly see the energy that we are picking up around us ~ Michelle Young 

You may begin to notice and sense things that you otherwise would not, and experience gut feelings or premonitions when something is about to happen, such as knowing that someone is about to call. You will also begin to experience signs and synchronicities in your everyday life that you may not have noticed otherwise. It can be a song playing in a store, or a conversation you overhear in passing.

Initially, when you first begin to experience these things, you may be in doubt and think that it’s just your imagination, but trust whatever you are given and believe that these signs are real, and they do have a deeper meaning for your highest good.

Our intuition is our soul’s way of communicating with us. Meditation is the ideal spiritual practice to tap into this inner soul guidance. Once you have learned to properly calm your mind and slow down the ego self-talk, you will begin to understand the true connection your soul has with the spirit realm.

About The Author: Savannah

Savannah lives in NC, an ardent student and metaphysical practitioner who inherited her gifts from both her grandmothers. At 5, she described in detail her most recent past life with other parents, convincing her mom that reincarnation was real! In her teens, she ignored her talents and in her mid-twenties she embraced her life calling with gusto! She has since studied life after death, astral travel, meditation, psychic Medium/Spirit Contact, 12 strand DNA Activation, Kundalini and she is a certified Reiki Practioner. She has the ability to tune in to other frequencies to hear, sense and feel messages from Spirit. While Tarot has been her most useful tool in communicating with the other side, automatic writing was the bridge that first got her there. For over 2 decades, Savannah has demonstrated astounding accuracy with clients and those clients keep coming back! Her Faith is the cornerstone of her practice, but she finds that all religions contain truth and beauty. The most important ingredient to a happy life is to follow your heart. If you'd like a reading with a gifted psychic who can offer you a mystical and transformative experience, you can find Savannah at

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