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Divination And The Element Of Air

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comVarious ancient cultures, metaphysical traditions and mystical teachings identify five elements that constitute the world we live in. In Western occult traditions, these elements are typically arranged in the hierarchical order of spirit (aether), fire, air, water, and earth.

Spirit or aether is the nonphysical element (or ‘fifth element’) that serves as a bridge between the physical and the metaphysical realms. Spirit is the bridge between the body and soul.

Fire is the masculine element representing inner strength, transformative power, courage, protection, purification, and assertive action.

Air is the element associated with creativity, knowledge, learning, mental intention and the universal life force.

Water is the feminine element of emotion, intuition, inner reflection and the subconscious.

Earth represents grounding, stability, fertility, family roots, and the cycles of death and rebirth.

Air is my favorite element in spiritual practice, as is associated with ideas, concepts, inspiration, and innovative thinking. It is also the element of wisdom and divination.

Working with the air element sharpens ideas, enhances experiments, and paves the way for new inventions. Musicians and artists are typically inspired by the element of air. Air is however a fickle element as it can come as a gale-force hurricane, or a calm, soothing breeze…just like our thoughts.

When we become fixed in our perceptions, we lose the ability to fly ~ Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

Since ancient times we have always felt the need to know what the future holds. In all folklore, mythology and religion one finds evidence of prophets, sages, oracles, and mystics concerned with satisfying this need. Fortune-tellers, astrologers, shamans, and sorcerers also continue to proliferate since the dawn of humanity.

Aeromancy is the ancient divinatory practice of interpreting vaporous formations in the air. It is the metaphysical art of identifying spiritual messages in atmospheric phenomena. It is done by interpreting wind activity, clouds, thunder and lightning, smoke, mirages and spectres, as well the movement of comets, meteors and shooting stars.

When remaining in awareness itself, every thought movement, no matter what kind, is like drawing in air ~ Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

A related divination method known as augury interprets the flight patterns and behavior of birds to identify omens. In both cases, the sky reveals the future through synchronicities in which interpretation is key.

In addition to the interpretation made by the seer, it is believed that change can also happen by affecting the weather through prayer, mental focus or magical intention, which are all aspects of the air element.

About The Author: Paul

Paul is literally living his dream, counseling others from a bustling neighborhood in Buenos Aires, in the very place he dreamt of living as a boy. Born with a Clairvoyance that he desired to explore further, he developed his gifts as an initiate of a prominent esoteric school, studying under the tutelage of a Master who helped him to tap into the Divine Presence through Tarot and the Runes. Paul studied the Qabalah and Ceremonial Magic and founded a research group with some friends, which focused on applying spiritual principles to everyday life. For over twenty years, he has shared his talents and knowledge with others, becoming a sought after teacher as well as a highly valued Intuitive counselor. If you would like the deeper meanings of your situation revealed to you and are willing to journey with him down a path that will give you clear answers and fulfillment in your life, You can find Paul at

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