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Energy Protection For Children

Click Here now FOR a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comI just did a phone reading for client who said she was feeling as if “the life force has been sucked” from her, after she received an unexpected call from a former work associate.

In hindsight, she says, this individual had always had this effect on her when they used to work together in the corporate field many years ago. She didn’t actually put two and two together at the time, but now she realizes that it was him who used to constantly drain her energy at work. At the time, she simply put it down to work stress and exhaustion.

She was surprised to realize that, even over the phone, certain individuals have that ability to drain us! We then discussed how she could even better protect herself psychically and shield her energy field from this former colleague and other energy thieves she may encounter in life.

An interesting aspect of energy protection and psychic shielding that is seldom considered is how children are affected by the people they connect with in life. Children are exposed to various social settings and energy environments that could be toxic and negatively affect their energetic well-being.

The veterinarian I rely on for my pets told me last week that he finds his work overwhelming at times. He feels it is due to the human owners of the pets, rather than the animals themselves.

At times, he says, he finds some pet owners really exhausting, as they bring both their anxieties about their pets, plus their own personal concerns with them. I could sense what kind of clients he had been dealing with to make him feel this way and believe me it was not a pretty sight!

He then asked me about his own two sons who are growing up now and how he could advise them to shield themselves in the future from the energy drain of people, and even social media. This made me think of the increasing number of clients who have been asking me the same question. How can I protect my child from people their energy, should they find themselves in a toxic environment?

Love is the supreme form of communication. In the hierarchy of needs, love stands as the supreme developing agent of the humanity of the person. As such, the teaching of love should be the central core of all early childhood curriculum with all other subjects growing naturally out of such teaching ~ Ashley Montagu

Just like adults, negative energy which roots itself in a youngster’s energy field can cause anxiety, depression, hyperactivity and even aggressive behavior. To protect your child and shield their energy I recommend the following guidelines.

Nature – As much as possible encourage your children to be outside in nature and learn about caring for the environment. Teach them how kindness to animals, plants and the environment overall has a ripple effect. It has a healing effect on our aura.

Media – Whenever possible monitor your child’s exposure to social media, particularly that of the violent or persuasive kind. In other words, some of the cruel and violent things a child sees online or in televisions shows can easily be perceived as being the norm. Teach them what is right and wrong, and don’t expose them to questionable content at a young age.

Drama – Don’t judge others in front of your children (best not to judge others at all). Many parents involve their offspring in their relationship issues, conflicts and other daily problems. Children are not grown-ups and will be profoundly affected by grownup drama, arguments and even the negative energies given off by excessive substance abuse.

Negativity – Knowing as you already do about the effects of people who tend to be negative, be mindful to never leave your children in the care of such individuals.

Language – Children will inevitably hear harsh language via the media and other adults, but to the best of your ability do not use belittling or destructive dialogue around them.

Truth – Teach your children about telling the truth. You could ask them what they feel in their ‘tummy’ (gut) area when they have said something truthful, as opposed to a blatant lie. They will feel the difference.

Kindness – Teach them the joy of giving, even if it’s just lending an ear to a friend, giving of their time, or sharing their pocket money. And teach them to be kind to people, animals, plants, the environment, as well as to themselves.

Purpose – Reassure your child that they have a special purpose in this world, even if they don’t quite know what it is yet.

Love – Teach your child that love is the strongest force of all. Tell them to imagine holding love in one hand and fear in the other hand. Then encourage them to choose love.

About The Author: Shani

Shani is a qualified practitioner in Reiki, aromatherapy, reflexology, body spin, and animal telepathy who received psychic development training at the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Research in England. A published writer, her articles and predictions have appeared in several respected magazines and on psychic websites, and she has read for many celebrities and even heads of state in Africa. Because of her empathy, people find it easy to connect with her. Every month, she attends a psychic circle and the information that comes through from Spirit never ceases to amaze everyone present. Though she was born in London, Shani has traveled the globe and has studied the art of African Mysticism, bringing her unique flavor to those seeking her incredible talents. What she has taken away from her many travels abroad, is that there is always a sort of longing clients have to be connected to the source of their being. Get a reading with Shani at

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