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The 2020 Ascension Breakthrough

Click Here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comThere’s a spiritual emergence happening this year. The year 2020 brings subtle energy shifts that will propel us forward toward our soul-aligned desires.

This year has a higher vibration that holds tremendous potential for us to reach our dreams by first changing from within. For once we begin to exist in a way that the universe blesses, we will witness divine forces complement our inner-directed changes by manifesting it externally.

Simply put, 2020 will be a year of supported growth and great ascension. What is more, believing in this gateway to enlightenment will be the key to unlocking your personal power.

As we are all co-creators of our reality, we may have inadvertently created an existence that simply goes against the grain, and stifles our prosperity. This is due to outer influences, karmic blocks and limiting beliefs imposed on us through our many experiences on this Earth.

Fortunately, anything obstructive can no longer survive in the emerging 2020 rebirth, whether  it is a career, relationship or social structure. All that no longer serves us, must begin to crumble away this year, and we must allow its fall, so that harmony and fulfillment can enter our lives.

With that it’s time to loosen the reigns and worry less about getting an external grip. No need to force matters, or control people or situations this year. You only need to resolve to take care of yourself. This extra dimensional dynamism offers a paved path to increase your capacity to live a life that is in alignment with who you authentically are, by elevating your awareness.

What is coming in 2020 feels like a huge opportunity to ascend into higher levels of consciousness. The vibration of the planet is going to be shifting and rising, and as this energy draws closer, our spiritual growth will be accelerated ~ Tanaaz Chubb

This year brings the ideal opportunity to release pain programmed in our spiritual cellular memory, and to eliminate any outworn practices hindering our happiness. And since the intention of the ascension is to bring forth harmonic balance, by helping us help ourselves, efforts to elevate consciousness will be supported by advancing the clearing of lower energies. We will also be given enlightening abilities to manifest a healthier spiritual, mental, physical and emotional existence.

But be mindful. The renewed alignment that sets the towering tone for 2020, is a spotless mirror of powerful projection. In other words, the universe will match precisely what you project. As such, the more one feeds into the perception that your dreams are unattainable, or that there’s no hope for happiness, the more it will reinforce that state of being. So, it’s vital to not focus on the absence of your happiness, rather embrace the expectation of manifesting your desires as if it has already happened.

Our thoughts, intentions and actions will be intensely amplified in this coming year, and should be considered more carefully, due to divine forces at play. So, think optimistically, and act constructively to bring forth the life you desire and deserve. Such a year awaits.

About The Author: Gina

Gina is a mystical spiritual advisor, originally from New York, who was born a powerful clairvoyant, clairaudient and Empath. What was different and isolating about her in childhood later became her strength and her calling. For over two decades, she's professionally delivered her clear and accurate messages to clients at fairs, private parties, and various other venues. She's known to pass along messages to strangers on the street, and has helped countless random people whenever possible. As a believer in Dharma (our sacred duty), she fulfills her own by connecting with Angels and Guides to pass along useful information to souls in question. Her goal is to enlighten you with necessary truths, and bring forth undeniable clarity that will help guide you through your areas of concern, lead you closer to your own Dharma, and allow you to experience inner peace. If you'd like a reading with this compassionate and powerful Double Scorpio Intuitive, you can find Gina at:

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