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‘Taking Out The Garbage’ With Past Life Soul Regression

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The soul is our ‘personal computer’ that retains data from previous incarnations, or past lives, as well as constantly adding to the database in real time from our current experiences in this lifetime. Thank goodness that the soul’s ‘cloud storage’ capability is truly infinite. And did you know that through the process of Soul Regression we can access this data for the purpose of personal growth and spiritual healing?

Many people believe in reincarnation and past lives, yet only a small percentage explore the experience of regression into it. Why would one want to go back into a past incarnation? What value does it hold? What would the purpose be, since we are living in the present time, and our challenges are here and now? This was also my point of view once.

I have always believed that I had lived before, but most of the glimpses into those times were usually very painful deaths. So, why would I want to explore former incarnations that ended so tragically, or even violently? I had also met people over the years who seemed to use their past lives as a crutch or excuse to justify why they were not achieving their goals or desires in this lifetime. Therefore, I just accepted my own experiences of spontaneous regression and walked the path of ‘whatever happens, happens.’

As my continued experiences of spiritual evolution had me reflecting upon my behavior patterns, fears, and other matters that may be related to something I brought in from a previous incarnation, my attitude began to shift.

Understand the nature and influence of repeating patterns, from childhood experiences or even from past lives. Without understanding, patterns tend to repeat ~ Brian Weiss

I started to recognize that certain experiences and behaviors were linked into my database through my ancestral lifetimes – not through my chronological ancestry, which has imprints from the current family genetics. Those ancestral lifetimes are often made known to us through a spontaneous understanding, or the desire of a different culture, including their foods, clothes and customs. Often this manifests as moments of déjà vu and spontaneous emotions.

One theory of the mechanics of rebirth is that when we incarnate into a new body, having agreed to a soul contract for this lifetime with our soul group, an etheric copy remains outside of the body, known as our Higher Self. The copy that incarnates into the dense body typically does not recall its contract and hence simply learns its lessons in this life. These lessons are being orchestrated by the Universe and our Spirit Guides.

As children, we are acutely connected with our previous lives, our imaginary friends (spirit guides) and deceased relatives through time and space. This unfortunately becomes blurred out by the beliefs and expectations placed on us by society, parents, teachers, and the education system.

The lucky ones among us may in time learn that their phobia of water, for example, is related to a drowning in a past life. Or a strong aversion to military conflict may be due to being killed as a soldier in some battle during the Second World War, for example. Utilizing a certified hypnotherapist who is skilled in doing past life regression, can help one clear such negative energy imprints from previous incarnations. If you are interested in this, find a proficient facilitator that you resonate with. Self-hypnosis is another vehicle, but you need to be proficient in shifting to an altered state of consciousness by intention.

To grow and evolve we need to clear out the garbage and debris present in our fragmented ‘database in the cloud.’ We basically need to ‘defragment or hard drive’ and perhaps even archive some of those data files that we are finished with. We may need some ‘backing up’ into the Akashic Record, one could say. If we focus on this current life and even just regress back through this life we will get a tremendous benefit from ‘taking out the garbage.’

I recognized you instantly. All of our lives flashed through my mind in a split second. I felt a pull so strongly towards you that I almost couldn’t stop it ~ J. Sterling

During a past life regression, the previous lives that you will get back into are usually those that support this lifetime’s evolution. Spirit governs what you experience and it is contingent upon your soul contract. So, if you wish to experience regression for the benefit to evolve your soul, be willing to open your records.

You can also experience the time between lives. This is typically accompanied by an euphoric, peaceful, ecstatic sensation when you are embodied back in the pure vibration of the soul in the Universe. Additionally, it is even possible to journey to a probable future life.

The soul is constantly striving towards forward-moving evolution, but in order to accelerate that process we may need to sometimes get into our past to ‘take care of the garbage.’ Enjoy your exploration!

About The Author: Graham

Graham has developed a powerful connection with Spirit that he shares with the world, passing along valuable and detailed information that includes specific dates and time frames. His service to Spirit has allowed him to transform countless lives and it continually validates continuity of life. Spirit has even saved his own life! Colleagues have learned to trust his advice, even if they can't explain how he does what he does. With many loyal clients around the world to attest to his talent, Graham continues to reach many more through his eight CD audiobook on Mediumship and other Metaphysical subjects. Graham was born in England but now resides in New England. He's a certified Medium, Channel and Spiritual Healer, to name but a few of his offerings. He is also a teacher and has served on Spiritualist committees in the US and in Europe. He's provided thousands of readings and also loves to give back to the community, offering his services at fundraising events, local hospices, churches and camps—wherever he is needed. If you'd like precise and accurate information on your life path, you can find Graham at

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