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Intuition Can Increase Your Business Success

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comIn the business world, decisions are often made with the analytical rigor of a chess match. Data analysis, market research, spreadsheets, and earnings reports are the cornerstones of strategic planning and business success.

What’s less known is that there’s an equally important, yet underappreciated, key to business strategy and profitable decision-making that can be a game changer for entrepreneurs. This amazing secret ingredient is intuition.

Using intuition to guide your business decisions gives you a unique winning edge in your entrepreneurial journey that fosters creativity, innovation, adaptability, resilience and entrepreneurial responsibility.

Intuition is the ability to know and understand things without conscious rational thought or logical reasoning. It is commonly known as a “gut feeling,” “hunch,” or “sixth sense” that inspires or guides us to act in a certain way without fully understanding why or having any evidence to justify our decision.

For example, when you meet someone for the first time, you may have an intuition about whether or not you can trust them, even though you don’t have any evidence to support your feeling.

Intuition is the inner voice of our higher self and our gateway to universal consciousness or humanity’s “morphogenic field.” It is our inner guidance system that is tuned to information that transcends our everyday knowledge, memory and experience.

Any entrepreneur that has been hugely successful either has a very well developed intuition of their own, or consults people who do ~ Robert Ohotto

In the context of business, therefore, intuition involves tapping into a broader wisdom beyond our limited human understanding to make powerful business decisions that are not immediately apparent through data and analysis alone.

Entrepreneurship is an area where intuition can shine. Because entrepreneurs typically operate in an uncharted landscape of uncertainty, constant change, ambiguity, and unexpected challenges, traditional business models can provide only a limited decision-making framework.

This is where intuition becomes a game changer the following ways:

Fast decision-making. Intuition enables entrepreneurs to make quick decisions, which is often essential in a fast-paced business world. Entrepreneurs often face situations where waiting for data or conducting extensive analysis could result in missed opportunities.

Innovative problem solving. Intuition leads to creative problem solving. When conventional methods fail, entrepreneurs who trust their intuition can often find innovative solutions to complex challenges.

Adaptability. The ability to adapt to changing circumstances is critical to entrepreneurial success. Intuition can help entrepreneurs pivot quickly when faced with unexpected disruptions or new information.

Humanistic approach. Intuition also brings a more humane, compassionate dimension to business. Not only does it foster a deeper understanding of consumer behavior, employee dynamics, and market trends, but intuitively driven businesses are inherently also more socially responsible and accountable for their impact on society and the environment. By embracing intuition, entrepreneurs better connect with and serve their audiences for the greater good.

Intuition is neither the ability to engage prophesy nor a means of avoiding financial loss or painful relationships. It is actually the ability to use energy data to make decisions in the immediate moment ~ Carolyn Myss

There are many inspiring examples of successful entrepreneurs who were guided by intuition. One of my favorites is Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc. In his 2005 commencement address at Stanford University, he said, “Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition. Somehow they already know what you really want to be. Everything else is secondary.”

It is also increasingly becoming an open secret that many successful business executives and entrepreneurs consult corporate psychics and intuitive business consultants. For example, Seagate Technology, the company that makes hard drives for the Playstation and Microsoft Xbox, famously hired celebrity psychic Laura Day, who has no tech experience, to facilitate some of their management workshops.

While intuition can be a powerful asset, it’s not something all entrepreneurs have spontaneous and clear access to. It usually requires the development of heightened awareness, ideally through regular spiritual practice and the intentional cultivation of mindfulness and empathic awareness.

Furthermore, while intuition is a valuable business tool, it should never completely replace data-driven decision-making. Striking a balance between the two will ensure sound and well-informed decisions. Intuition doesn’t guarantee success in every case. The key is to use it as part of your decision-making toolkit, along with other strategic tools.

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Priscila's fascinating intuitive journey serves as a reminder that embracing one's true calling often requires courage and resilience, but the rewards are immeasurable. This bi-lingual, ex college professor turned professional psychic reader is a natural born psychic, an expert empath, twin flame, intuitive medium, career coach, and channeler, raised in Costa Rica. Making the brave decision to leave her academic career behind her, Priscila embraced the spiritual gifts that were both her calling and passion and began an entirely new second chapter of life, one that neither she nor her many devoted clients would ever regret. From her current home in New England, and with a growing online presence, Priscila dispenses psychic guidance and channeled messages from otherworldly sources that are clear, concise and as life-transformative as she is herself! It's no wonder that Priscila is viewed as an astoundingly accurate reader with a solid base of clients that continues to grow. Clients receive clear answers that relieve burdens and align their souls. Her gratification from assisting individuals in resolving their dilemmas is immeasurable. If you'd like to visit a safe, compassionate space from which to embark on your own brave new journey, you can find Priscila at

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