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The Divine Magic Of Manifesting

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comWe cannot always control our environment, but we can be an active force in how things play out in our own lives. Through our actions and choices we impact our personal universe, even without any occult practice.

However, this changes once we become aware of our metaphysical ability to manifest, and we realize we have already been doing it our entire life as spiritual beings in human form. And once we become aware of our innate power to manifest we simply need to improve it and have a deeper conversation with the many layers of reality.

Our minds and, in particular, our expectations already influence the world around us. We do this unconsciously every day, and without direction. Sometimes we let our fears run wild and then we create dark mirages that end up taking shape in our material world. Yes, indeed, these are mishaps of our own creation.

We all want to guide, foresee, and control life, but for some of us this possibility has always eluded us. There seems to be too many variables and our judgments appear to lack the clout required to guide even our own most basic wants. Maybe reality is simply too complicated? Perhaps we just need more resolve? Or maybe ‘magic’ may teach us something about that.

The magic of manifesting is a technique or method, as well as a spiritual path. It is a tool for self-discovery, since it rearranges our perceptions of reality and it is a path because it leads us to personal revelations and inner realizations. Furthermore, it assists us in seeing how malleable our life really is, which is unquestionably the first step toward personal transformation.

Magic as an occult tradition has a bad reputation. It may appear that anything related to so-called magic is supposed to be dark and dangerous, even evil, but this is not the case at all. Instead, the magic of manifesting brings our true desires into reality. It is a continuous process that teaches us a lot about our minds. We actually become more aware of our most difficult personal aspects by engaging with the things we desire. In the pursuit of magic we often discover how we are sometimes our own worst enemy.

You need to connect with who you truly are and using your free will, express yourself fully as nature intended you to ~ Ryuu Shinohara

What do your dreams look like? Are they bright? When we think about this, we may realize that our desires for the future are not images of true happiness, but mere achievement. There is nothing wrong with achievement, unless it lacks spirit.

in my late teens, I talked to a Brazilian shaman, after I had seen him perform an invocation that scared me a little at the time. This man seemed very intelligent, wise, happy, and just magnetic beforehand, but even his face seemed to change during the invocation, and his voice was very different.

He performed divination for our small group, and his words were spot on. It seemed miraculous and truly magical, but at the same time, I also felt uneasy. Was this man being invaded by a foreign spirit entity or an evil force during the divination? Was he giving up his personal freedom and independence? Was he compromising the integrity his soul?

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time ~ Martha Graham

I blurted my questions out aloud, as I could no longer contain myself after the ritual was over. We were eating fruits and drinking water. He put down an orange he had been seasoning with a pinch of salt and said, “It is not like that! These divine forces are a part of me; they are part of the fabric of the world. They are what we are made of, and their expression is true freedom.”

He was right. Divinity is our true nature (and oranges with a touch of salt are indeed great). Sometimes we get entangled in other people’s ideas about the divine, which brings us much uncertainty, self-doubt, and confusion. But remembering that we are all children of divinity, we find that inner place of balance and openness which, yes, is the liberated expression of both divinity and our uniquely individual nature.

About The Author: Paul

Paul is literally living his dream, counseling others from a bustling neighborhood in Buenos Aires, in the very place he dreamt of living as a boy. Born with a Clairvoyance that he desired to explore further, he developed his gifts as an initiate of a prominent esoteric school, studying under the tutelage of a Master who helped him to tap into the Divine Presence through Tarot and the Runes. Paul studied the Qabalah and Ceremonial Magic and founded a research group with some friends, which focused on applying spiritual principles to everyday life. For over twenty years, he has shared his talents and knowledge with others, becoming a sought after teacher as well as a highly valued Intuitive counselor. If you would like the deeper meanings of your situation revealed to you and are willing to journey with him down a path that will give you clear answers and fulfillment in your life, You can find Paul at

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