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Remove Toxic People From Your Life

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comHave you ever had the presence of an emotional vampire in your life? This can happen in a love relationship, a friendship, or with a family member.

You will feel like your soul is being drained, you are not yourself. Your joy is gone when you are around them, you can’t be yourself. If all of this describes how you feel, then maybe it’s time to do some soul searching. Remember who you are and how important you are.

I have counseled so many people who are normally outgoing, loving, supportive, wonderful souls, but sometimes these folks are so giving that they give their power away. They forget to protect and take care of themselves.

Are there people in your life whose needs seem to be all that matters, but yours never do? Love is not love and friendship is not friendship if you have to put yourself aside on a daily basis in a relationship. We must constantly remind ourselves of this.

Sure, relationships are give and take, but when they seem to be only take and take and there is no giving, something is wrong.

Who we surround ourselves with, who we give our time to, greatly affect the quality of our lives and our spirit. If you suspect that someone is a toxic person, do not be afraid to set boundaries and make changes in your life.

You deserve to feel nothing less than wonderful and lovable, as God, Source, Spirit, the Divine intended you to be. Do not let fear make you settle for less than what you are worth.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting a relationship has run its course. Even if you can’t conceptualize your life without that person, with time and distance, you’ll be able to see the relationship for what it was: toxic as hell ~ Myah Hollis

Here are some red flags to help you evaluate whether you are dealing with a toxic person:

> Do they always blame you?

> Is it always your fault in some way, even when you try to address a hurt they have caused you?

> Does this happen often? Do you even begin to doubt yourself?

> Do they put you down? Or are they the wind at your back?

> Do they show concern for your needs?

> Do they make you feel worthless?

> Are they disrespectful.

> Are they not returning calls or texts.

> They love drama!

> They love to gossip and will often talk about others behind their back – remember, if they do this to other “friends”, they will do it to you!

> They are condescending and judgmental.

> They are always negative and spread it around.

> They are jealous of your happiness or success.

Sometimes relationships can be improved and sometimes it is essential for one person to leave the relationship or at least limit their exposure to the other person ~ Eric Charles

If you are aware that you have a toxic person in your life, you need to set strong boundaries. Repeat these affirmations every day and go forth and refuse to live in anything less than love and light while you are on this path.

You are important.

You are capable.

You are strong and resilient.

You are worthy.

You are lovable.

Surround yourself with loving people who will nurture your growth as well as their own, who will be with you in your happiness and in your sadness. You deserve nothing less. We all do!

It’s never too late to do some spring cleaning in your life.

About The Author: Spirit Speaks

Combining her psychic gift with her life coaching abilities, Spirit Speaks helped many make the right choices and changes in their life to be the happiest they can be. She was born psychic and uses no tools in her readings, only her gift from the Creator. Over the years she's given thousands of readings and is very highly rated. Her vast clientele comes from all walks of life from throughout the world; many of her regular clients have sought her guidance for years. She specializes in love relationships, soulmates, family issues and child-parent relationships. She is also proficient with readings on career and finance. Get a reading with Spirit Speaks now at

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