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Trusting Your Intuitions

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comCall them whatever you like – hunches, moments of grace, inklings – our intuitive feelings are usually right on the money. They take so many forms: dreams, feelings of déjà vu, sensations of a hand on our shoulder, hearing your name when no one is there. So why don’t we listen more often?

As spiritual beings we live in a world that tells us there should be a “rational” or “scientific” explanation for everything. Yet we’ve all heard the stories about the woman who didn’t board a plane, which later crashed, because of her intuition. Or a man who never plays the lottery and instinctively buys a ticket, which turns out to win. The truth is, the universe is constantly sending us these kinds of messages, even if they’re not always on such a grand scale. It is up to us to adjust our minds and spirits to properly receive them.

Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way ~ Florence Scovel Shinn

How can we do this? The first, and most crucial thing, we can do is to simply be receptive. An old Zen saying tells us that the quieter we become, the more we’re able to hear. And how true it is! The universe, our angels, and our psychic intuitions don’t always shout… more often they whisper. We’re shown glimpses and hints of what might be.

Start by learning to clear your mind from all the clutter of daily life. Meditation and prayer are not about emptying our minds entirely; they’re about learning to listen and focus. Just like plumbing in your home operates best when it’s free of clogs, so do our energies when they’re rid of all the “junk.”

Our conscious minds may not observe everything, but rest assured our subconscious does! This is why dreams, feelings of déjà vu, and those fleeting touches are so powerful. We have experienced all of this before, either in this life or another.

Literally everything, and everyone, we encounter is a message from the Divine. Consider that for a moment. We’re quick to dismiss things we find annoying or not worth our time. For just one day, open your mind to the possibility that even these “annoyances” are meant to help us. Maybe if we didn’t learn the lesson in another lifetime, it’s the right time now. Journal on the sights and sounds of each day. You’ll start to see patterns emerging.

Intuition is a faculty of the soul, just as reliable as that of Reason ~ R.H. Brown

Maybe the most important thing we can do is to simply trust our intuitions; what some people call our “sixth sense.” It is, in fact, a separate sense. It is our spirit! We can’t see or taste or touch it, but it is just as real. Think of it as a radio station by which messages from the universe are broadcast. It’s sometimes tricky to get the setting just right. That’s where meditation, dream journals, hypnotic journeys, or other psychic practices can help you discover the meanings of these messages.

Finally, don’t think of any of the Universe’s messages as strictly “good” or “bad.” There is rarely such a thing, and if there is, you’ll know it. The Universe wants to reflect back what you put out, and you have the ultimate say in that!

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