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Enhance Your Spiritual Practice With Rune Yoga

FREE psychic reading at, Click Here NOW!!!As a professional psychic advisor, my days are filled with interpreting runes, connecting with energies, and guiding others through their life challenges and spiritual journeys.

To restore my own energy, maintain my inner balance, and ensure my holistic well-being, I engage in various spiritual self-care practices that nourish my own mind, body, and soul.

One of my favorite pursuits used to be traditional Indian yoga, until I discovered its Norse-Germanic counterpart known as Rune Yoga, Rune Standing, Rune Stances or Runic Postures.

Rune yoga is an ancient practice that essentially blends the ancient wisdom of the runes with the holistic benefits of similar mind-body traditions such as yoga, tai chi, qigong, pilates, and aikido.

Traditional yoga has always been a sanctuary for me, a place to reconnect with my body and mind.

But as I became so deeply immersed in the world of runes for my work, I found my way to rune yoga as an alternative practice that felt like a natural extension of my interests and professional experience.

Runes are the letters in a set of related alphabets, known as the runic alphabet, that were used to write various Germanic languages before the adoption of the Latin alphabet.

They were used primarily in Northern Europe, Scandinavia, the British Isles, and Iceland from about the 2nd to the 17th centuries. The word “rune” itself comes from the Old Norse word rún, meaning “secret” or “mystery,” underscoring their mystical and symbolic significance in ancient times.

The runic postures are bioenergetic antennas which receive the various energies, symbolized by the runes ~ Karl Spiesberger

What Is Rune Yoga?

The origins of rune yoga as a modern practice can be traced back to ancient Norse and Germanic mystical traditions, where runes were used not only for writing, but also for spiritual, divinatory, and magical purposes. Runes were believed to be gifts from the gods, imbued with powerful energies that could influence the world.

Each rune carries its own unique energy and meaning, representing different aspects of life and the universe. In rune yoga, these symbols are not only studied, read and interpreted, but also embodied, allowing the practitioner to internalize their energies and insights through movement and meditation. Although the practice of integrating runes into physical movement is relatively modern, it draws upon these ancient traditions and the deep connection between body and spirit that was central to Norse spirituality.

The idea of incorporating runes into a type of yoga practice grew out of a desire to harness these ancient energies in a way that could be physically and spiritually transformative. Rune yoga offers an embodied practice of mystical symbolism that is grounding, restorative and uplifting.

By physically taking on the forms of these symbols, you align yourself with the runic energies, creating a powerful connection between body, mind and spirit. More than just a mindful physical practice, it is a holistic experience that promotes healing, balance and personal transformation.

Runic yoga’s most popular feature, however, is its powerful potential for manifestation. Embodying the runes offers a profound way to harness the mystical energies of these ancient symbols. By physically assuming the postures that represent the runic symbols, you align yourself with the specific energies and intentions encoded within each rune. It is a form of active meditation, or magical embodiment, in which the body becomes a channel for transmuting the runic energies into physical reality.

Performing runic gymnastic creates an anchor for the runes in the individual aura and body ~ Edred Thorsson

Rune Yoga Versus Traditional Yoga

At first glance, rune yoga may seem similar to traditional yoga, as both practices involve physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation. However, the integration of rune symbolism adds a unique metaphysical dimension that sets rune yoga apart. Rune yoga or rune standing incorporates the symbolic and energetic aspects of the runes. Each session of rune yoga focuses on one or more runes, with poses and sequences designed to embody the meanings and energies of the runes.

Here are three practical examples designed to achieve three specific goals:


Laguz, associated with water and its calming energies, symbolizes flow and intuition. To stand in Laguz, hold your arms parallel above your head and visualize yourself as a gentle river, releasing tension with each breath. This posture promotes serenity and deep relaxation, enhancing peace of mind throughout the day.


Hagalaz represents the natural forces of change and transformation. To embody Hagalaz, cross your arms over your chest and exhale forcefully to release pent-up energy and emotional blockages. This practice clears the way for growth and renewal, allowing you to move forward unencumbered.


Sowilo, the rune of the sun, embodies success and personal empowerment. Stand with your feet together and raise your right arm to the sky while grounding your left. Visualize the energy of the sun filling you with confidence and clarity, empowering you to pursue and achieve your goals.

Unlike traditional yoga, rune yoga or rune standing requires no special equipment or a lot of space, making this transformative practice accessible anytime, anywhere.

The runes are the keys to the reception, absorption and projection of cosmic energy forces. Their first effect is on the transformation and healing of the individual ~ Karl Spiesberger

Getting Started With Rune Yoga

If you’re intrigued by the idea of rune yoga and want to incorporate it into your spiritual practice or self-care routine, here are some tips and guidelines to help you get started:

Explore rune symbolism: Before you dive into doing rune poses, take some time to learn about the runes and their meanings. There are 24 runes in the Elder Futhark, the oldest runic alphabet, each with its own unique symbolism and energy. Understanding these symbols will help you connect more deeply with the practice.

Research runic postures: Find a chart, video demonstration, photo or drawing, or descriptive list of runic hand shapes and body postures to guide your practice.

Start with one rune pose per day: Spend a few minutes each day embodying just one rune posture that resonates with your intentions or needs for the day. As you gain confidence, gradually incorporate a few more runes, depending on your needs and schedule. Focus on how each rune posture feels and resonates with you.

Integrate breathing and mindfulness: Breathing and being fully present in the moment are critical components of any spiritual practice. Begin your practice with deep, mindful breathing to center yourself. As you move through the postures, focus on the energy and meaning of the rune you are working with and the sensations each pose creates in your body. End each session with a short meditation, reflecting on the insights and feelings that emerged during your practice.

Follow your intuition: Rune yoga is a deeply personal practice, and there is no right or wrong way to do it. Trust your intuition and let it guide you. If a particular rune or pose doesn’t feel right, adjust it to suit your needs. The goal is to create a practice that resonates with your unique spiritual path and enhances your overall well-being.

Combine with other practices: Don’t hesitate to combine rune yoga with other complementary spiritual practices that you enjoy. For example, you can incorporate prayer, chanting, visualization, affirmations, and intention setting. Such a holistic approach can deepen your connection to the runes and enrich your spiritual journey.

For me, rune yoga is the perfect blend of my professional and personal passions. Whether you’re an experienced yogi, a rune enthusiast, or simply curious to explore new spiritual practices, rune yoga can be a transformative and rewarding journey. It invites you to step beyond the ordinary, embrace the mystical, and discover the profound connection between body, mind, and spirit.

As with all new spiritual endeavors, remember to be patient and compassionate with yourself. Like any practice, rune poses take time and some dedication to master. But with each session, you’ll find yourself becoming more empowered, more centered, and more in tune with the mystical energies of the runes.

About The Author: Runa

Runa is a reader with unique gifts and she, herself, is a gift that keeps on giving to others and her community. She is spiritually, artistically, and creatively talented, nourishing her soul through selfless work with incarcerated teens and through her reading practice in Germany and with clients around the world. She is a Rune expert, a Reiki Master, a gifted oracle reader, accompanied always by her Northern Light Guides, present at every reading. Along with her compassionate, direct truths and the non-judgment readings she offers, Runa provides positive energy that relieves burdens and reveals a pathway to future goals. From early on, she could read the energy of those around her, but her study of ancient runes and symbols opened a book for answers to assist and guide others along their path. Runa has read for over 20,000 clients from all walks of life, and for many corporate clients, as well. She owns her own reading praxis in Germany, where she lives with her husband and beloved cat, “Monster.” For 15 + years, she's inspired, enriched, and emboldened the lives of adults and teens, helping them to fearlessly embrace and creatively express themselves to achieve their dreams. If you'd like a reading from this extraordinary Rune goddess, you can find Runa at

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