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Energy Work With Lunar Herbs

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comThe Moon is traditionally associated in healing and metaphysical practices with several flowers and plants, specifically herbs. Many of these herbs are silver, grey, or pale blue, as well as green, much like the Full Moon itself. Many of these plants are also associated with water, or grow near it.

There are several ways to use herbs in your practice, such as ingesting it in teas or other edible formats, and burning it as incense to purifying ourselves and our living spaces.

During the peak of the moon cycle when it is at its strongest during the Full Moon, is a powerful time to reflect on our emotions, the subconscious, healing, and parts of the body associated with water (blood, digestive system, reproductive system). We can enhance this powerful lunar energy by drinking an appropriate herbal tea, or burning an incense blend consisting of lunar herbs.

Different herbs are associated with the different energies of the lunar cycle.  If you are working through some difficult emotional baggage, try lavender, wild rose, lotus, poppy, or kava-kava.

Since the Moon encourages healthy consumption of water and moisturizing, herbs like aloe vera, coconut, chickweed, or marshmallow and aniseed roots act as both natural refreshers and soothers. They are excellent to ensure healthy water absorption, and gels made from aloe are well-known as natural moisturizers.

If you wish to deepen your levels of compassion and understanding during a moon cycle, try mugwort, wormwood, or passionflower. Many of these herbs are edible and delicious. Just be sure to double check first, before adding them to your salad or your teapot!

Herbs of the Moon can greatly affect the subconscious mind. Their powerful action on our body’s watery reserves are known to pave the way to the intuitive mind ~ Adriana Ayales

The Full Moon is not the only time when lunar herbs can be useful. While it is the peak of each monthly lunar cycle, other phases of the Moon also inspire us to reflect and engage. For example, the New Moon represents new beginnings and protection from lingering negative energies.

Which moon phase you choose to focus on in your monthly spiritual practice is up to you. Just remember that the main idea behind lunar energy work is to examine the hidden within and explore deeper truths.

Lunar herbs can be purchased as dried petals, leaves or stems from a retailer or you can pick them yourself if you are fortunate to have it growing in your area. If you’re an adventurous night owl, a herb-gathering expedition by moonlight can be a lot of fun under the guiding light of the beautiful Moon. You can also grow some lunar herbs in your garden, or even in a simple windowsill box, if you have a green thumb.

Several well-written books and online guides are available if you’re not sure about how to start working with lunar herbs, or haven’t worked with them before. You might also consider asking a knowledgeable herbalist or healing practitioner about their favorite herbs and where to obtain them.

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