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Astral Travel To Your Favorite Destination

Click Here now FOR a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comTraveling to sacred sites has always been something I love doing, ever since I was a young girl. There is something undeniably magical about visiting a spiritual place that has much lore or mystical history associated with it.  Some of my favorite destinations include Mount Shasta in Northern California, Sedona in the Verde Valley of Arizona, and Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains in Peru.

These sacred sites are all home to powerful energy vortices and ley lines in the Earth’s electromagnetic field, containing more metaphysical energy than ordinary places. Visiting here feels as though you have stepped into a different dimension, or another place in time. Millions of people around the world travel to these locations in search of enlightenment and healing, gaining a broader perspective, raising their awareness, or simply to have a special spiritual experience.  

With the advent of Covid-19, few people have had the luxury lately of air travel and long-distance trips. Many spiritual travelers are feeling frustrated and trapped. Some are going stir crazy not having the freedom to travel anywhere in the world. Even local excursions and short-distance trips are challenging these days. I enjoy traveling in the Mount Shasta area, for example, since it is not too far from where I live, but I am reluctant to stay over in a hotel during this time.   

However, spirit recently reminded me that I could still travel to my favorite sacred sites by way of the astral realm. It made me think of the Celtic concept of the immram, which refers to the taking of a soul journey, a sacred pilgrimage, a wonder voyage to a sacred site where the soul needs to go. Spiritual seekers and metaphysicians have been taking these inner voyages on the astral plane through the ages. 

We are not limited to the physical body or the mundane world. In the same way we can physically visit a physical place of interest, we can also journey there on the astral plane. Traveling in this way, we can journey anywhere we want to, while remaining in the physical comfort of our own home. 

Flying in his dreams was an exhilarating, breathtaking experience, sometimes literally, that tended to leave reality wanting, like riding a roller coaster compared to mowing the lawn ~ Sol Luckman

The best part of astral traveling is that one is not limited to physical places on the world map. Nothing prevents us from undertaking an immram to a mythical, ancient place that no longer exist. 

For example, why not astral travel the legendary island of Avalon in Celtic mythology? It is said King Arthur’s sword Excalibur was forged there, and it was also where he was taken to die after he was fatally wounded. Arthur’s mythical half-sister lived there, the famous witch Morgana. Also known as the Glass Isle, Insula Avallonis, or the Isle of Apples, the island is said to be under the ocean now, due to changing of the land and continent formations over many centuries.  

So, how does one embark on an astral journey to Avalon? Well, the voyage can be achieved through various astral projection techniques that employ various forms of creative visualization, dreamwork, meditation and self-hypnosis. There are many good books and online resources available on the subject. Before you start, also look at online pictures and videos of your place of interest, and read about its history. This will help set the scene for your astral journey.

The most important aspect to remember is to ensure your safety during the journey. For this you need to enlist the assistance and support of your spirit guides to accompany you. Your guides will not only usher you to your desired destination, but also show you around once you arrive there.  

Astral projection should not be feared. Genuinely taking the time to learn and correctly care for yourself throughout the whole process can eventually cultivate self-awareness and growth. Not to mention the fact that it’s a pretty cool way to spend your free time ~ Rhys McKay

For instance, if you are wanting to visit the Isle of Avalon, imagine yourself standing on the shore, shaking the branch of a nearby tree. Wait for the barge to appear from the mists and come ashore. A hooded figure will beckon you to step aboard. Step towards the bow and look out in the distance, into the mists. Use your intuitive power and the vision of your third eye to part the mists and enter the secret gateway to the Isle of Avalon.   

Once you return from your astral journeys, keep a journal of what you saw there, and if you feel transformed in anyway upon you return. Journal your astral experiences, for they hold sacred teachings and deep wisdom from the sacred places you have explored. Bon voyage.

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