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Why I Do Readings

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAcccess.comThe main thing I notice about being a channel is the focus on what healing is, its purpose, and how being a healer in service to others is held against being selfish.

If someone is fulfilled by sacrificial service (victim-savior relations) and this is their mission in life, then they would likely derive the greatest joys from this kind of sacrifice, because Spirit would bring them seekers who want that type of service. It is a sacrifice, indeed, although often cleverly disguised as a helping venue.

In any case, one can pick any way of healing that resonates for you. For me, I find that I prefer to educate my clients in terms of what an empath can and cannot (or should not do) in my opinion. Personally, I am not fulfilled by victim-savior scenarios. I don’t find them to be healthy on any level.

All the same, I used to fall into the trap of trying to ‘fix’ people, to the point that it was my main modus operandi in life – being prey for others that are seeking life source energy from others. I discontinued doing that when I realized several truths:

1. Many are too wounded to be healed, but need a steady guide to help them through the process of life, in general, not just the trials.

2. I don’t choose to be a battery for other’s that haven’t enough energy for themselves, so they constantly find ‘hosts’ to replace their energy – no matter that others’ energy doesn’t belong to them. Very few, if any, even realize they are preying, energetically speaking, on others. It is almost always strictly an unconscious energetic process.

Whenever you feel compelled to put others first at the expense of yourself, you are denying your own reality, your own identity ~ David Stafford

3. It interferes with others’ free will and their purpose, unless there were agreements between them set in place prior to this incarnation.

4. It leaves me drained of energy for those that I can truly serve for their greatest good, not to mention the constant clearing work necessary to keep my physical beingness clean, so I am a safe haven for those that are seeking a level of purity that is only available through a clear channel. This principle is somewhat similar to keeping your living space clean and uncluttered for the purpose of good hygiene, since literally everything is composed of energy, whether positive, negative or anywhere in-between. And, indeed, I am a purist.

5. We only have so much life force energy and I prefer to stay in alignment with the stream of conscious well-being and strength that is contributing to the life force I need for myself, so that I can offer the best I have to those that need my level of care.

6. No one can really ‘fix’ anyone other than themselves. The work is in-depth and must be done by the one wanting to be healed. There are no shortcuts.

I started doing readings early on, because it was a gift that came naturally. Later, I honed my gift through my fascination with the mystic arts concealed in Egyptian hieroglyphs. That began with a passion for humanities which, eventually, led to a degree in art history.

Much of my life I’ve read for people without thinking of charging money for it, because to me it is a sacred practice. I do not see doing readings as a ‘job’ or ‘work,’ per se. For me it is my core interest. I charge money now, not for the reading itself, but for my time. My psychic energy is not for sale.

I keep most of what I do to myself, and when I do use it in a reading, such as telepathy, clairgustance (clear taste), channeling, and so on, it is a pure experience I share with the querent.

It’s not hard to decide what you want your life to be about. What’s hard, she said, is figuring out what you’re willing to give up in order to do the things you really care about ~ Shauna Niequist

The joy is not in healing someone else.  I’m not doing that, although the edges overlap often. I am completely focused on my own interest, which derives more joy than any money that comes from it, as I was taught by my indigenous teachers. Do what is in your own best interest first, and altruism naturally falls into its orderly and balanced place. This concept is a universal law.

If I am doing too many readings, I will take long breaks for the purpose of replenishing and recharging all the levels required to do my best work, including the physical, emotional, mental, psychic, spiritual, soul and essence. Further, I must keep my connections with my earthly mentors, ascended masters and alliances, in general, intact, which I cannot do from a drained (on any level) workshop; i.e. my spiritual being.

I hope this helps you find what resonates most for you as a querent in terms of what you are seeking by clarifying the parameters that define my work. If you feel that I can be of assistance in your aspiration for a deeper understanding, I would be honored. Regardless, I care about you and your life.

Lastly, I fully believe that love is the highest energy to which we can aspire and I hold you in sacred space accordingly.

About The Author: Mountain Sage

For thirty-six years, Mountain Sage has been providing her much sought after insight, coaching and spiritual counseling to clients locally, as well as internationally. Many other psychics, spiritual counselors and healers, professionals, celebrities, and individuals of all backgrounds, have relied on her gifts to find their way through muddled times. Mountain Sage is the student of an exalted Gurugi in Bombay, and Shaman of the Fireheart Sweat Lodge in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her extensive training includes Oracle, Healing, Universal Laws & Principles, the Sacred Circle and Psychic Shielding. She specializes in Ascended Masters, Altars, and Minerals. She holds the great honor of Oracle Carrier by her tribe due to her outstanding psychic ability, passion for the psychic realm, integrity and sacred work. She blends mystical understanding with practical application, and her art is connecting with the Divine. Get a psychic reading with Mountain Sage at

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