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Ghosts Are Real

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAcccess.comAre ghosts real? I certainly know that they are, because I have come face-to-face with them during paranormal investigations. Many paranormal experts claim there is scientific evidence that they are real. Believers say that skeptics are not listening to what is in front of them, but skeptics say that any paranormal evidence likely has a rational explanation and that those who are chasing ghosts are fooling themselves. All I know I is this: I have seen ghosts right in front of me… standing there, looking right at me.

I have been to many haunted sites and sometimes ghosts can be downright nasty, not to be confused with spirits. Ghosts do not know that they are dead, and they can become very annoyed when you are in a house that they dwell in. In these cases you are the intruder. I have had objects thrown at me, heard voices telling me to get out. I always smudge myself with sage. I use it before and after an investigation so that nothing attaches to me.

I use an instrument called an EVP, which records electronic voice phenomena. And EVP is a recording of words or phrases spoken by ghosts not discernible by the human ear. Ghostly voices are not heard by the human ear because they are indiscernible from many frequencies and sounds in the environment and our minds cannot pick it out. EVP’s are the most widely used pieces of paranormal evidence, as they relate directly to questions asked, and are most significant when the voice refers specifically to someone in the room.

It’s good to have a healthy skepticism about the world, but that goes both ways. We don’t think you can necessarily totally prove ghosts are real, but you also can’t just dismiss them out of hand. Especially when there’s so many pieces of evidence that prove ghosts are real ~ Tom Baker

Unusual thermal readings are another indicator of supernatural activity using instruments like imaging cameras to seek out anomalous readings that are hotter or cooler than surrounding environments. Ideally these readings are in the shape of a person. Heat implies energy which a ghost possesses itself or has drawn from the environment.

There are two distinct types of ghosts: residual and intelligent. A residual ghost is not real in any physical manner, it is not the spirit of a once living person, because the energy that was in that person in life would not be present. It has no intelligence and is unable to manifest itself at will. I can therefore not interact with the living. On the other hand, an intelligent entity or a spirit, are most likely the disembodied spirit of a once living person.

My advice to anyone that feels that their home may be haunted or threatened by any malevolent ghosts, or entities, is to show that you are not afraid. Fear is what they feed on. However, do not provoke them. Burn sage; it protects you and no harm can enter.

Ghosts are real. I myself was once a bit skeptical, but after doing paranormal work, and seeing what I have seen, there is no way that I would not believe in ghosts.

About The Author: Andrea Grace

A Psychic, Medium and Paranormal Investigator living in New Jersey, Andrea has been a top featured internet psychic for many years. After a near-death experience in which she traveled to the other side, she returned to fulfill her calling to help others with her new amped up skills! Her ability to help clients recall their past lives has helped many to understand where they're headed in the future. With the help of her Spirit Guides and Angels, she gives clarity on any issue, always respecting her clients, while telling it like it is. If you'd like an accurate reading with a caring, kind, and accurate Psychic and Medium, you can find Andrea at

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