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Shamanic Healing For Chronic Illness

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comWhen treating chronic illnesses, such as depression or pain, we too often look only at the symptoms, and not the root cause. The fact is, most if not all of these conditions have at their foundation some form of loss: the loss of sensation, loss of control, or the fear of loss. For this reason shamanic medicine can be quite effective as a form of treatment.

Shamanism, the connection between the physical world and the spirit realms, is all about connections. As we look closer at chronic illness, we find that much of it is caused by a lack of connection: to our authentic selves, to our spirit guides, to nature, and to our intuition. This is whey shamanic healing can be of great value.

For thousands of years, before the emergence of modern medical practices, shamans were the healers and diviners of the community. Fortunately, their practice is as strong today as it was then.

A trained shaman is able to determine which type of healing we may need: soul loss or retrieval (often through past-life work), spiritual retrieval (a power animal, angel, or other spirit guide), or reconnection to the earth and spiritual realms. There are shamans with different specialties, just as we have physicians with different areas of practice.

Result-oriented, low-tech, low-cost, shamanic medicine, uses natural elements, spirit, and the healing power of a caring community, as practiced by indigenous societies for millennia ~ Itzhak Beery

If you are seeking shamanic healing for the first time, it’s wise to find a person you feel best meets your needs. It may not be as simple as finding a medical doctor online or at the local clinic, but it will bring greater and deeper fulfillment.

When you’re ready to begin your shamanic healing journey, think about the root causes of your illnesses. Write them down. The more information your shamanic guide has, the more he or she will be able to help you. When the shaman communicates with the spirit realms, they will be asking questions which may have no answers in the conscious or earthbound world. Some of these root causes of pain you may not even realize you carry with you. This is, in essence, the beauty of a shaman: someone who is able to explore the subconscious and the unseen.

It’s important to find the right shamanic practitioner, someone who has healing and wholeness at the root of their practice. Likewise it’s important for you to be fully invested in the process. As with all psychic practice, the more we believe, the more we are able to experience.

Shamanism explores an area that contemporary Western science knows little about- the mind ~ Jonathon Miller Weisberger

Once you’re involved in the healing process, things may not change overnight. Be patient. The timing in the spirit realms is infinite and unlimited by our human definitions of time and space. It may be that you need to look to the past and previous life experiences, as much as the future, to help find the roots of your current pain and suffering. Don’t give up. The Universe, as a shaman will also tell you, wants us to be whole and in harmony with ourselves. In fact, one could say that the shaman’s function is to restore and keep balance both in this realm and the others.

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