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Our Lives Between Lives

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comWe have all had countless past lives, whether we know it or not. Our souls are continually reborn into a new body. And chances are we’ll remember bits and pieces of each past life, as we learn life lessons in each existence.

But what happens to us between each death and rebirth? Are we stuck in some sort of cosmic waiting room, just sitting there and wondering who we’ll become next? No one knows with absolute certainty, but many of those who have experienced near-death events report that reincarnation is very real.

The soul, our purest essence, is continually evolving, learning and taking valuable lessons from each existence, no matter how long we remain here on Earth. But the soul itself never dies. It exists outside of time and space and receives a new body after we pass from a previous life. Many spiritual traditions in the world agree upon this basic idea.

I am certain that I have been here as I am now a thousand times before, and I hope to return a thousand times ~ Jack London

We can think of the time between lives as a kind of ‘performance review.’ During this time our spirit guides and angels connect with us and help us examine what was learned, what lessons still need to be learned, and determine what the next mission will be. Since each soul must experience the whole spectrum of human existence, a different gender, ethnicity, income level or nationality will perhaps be chosen.

During this interim time, the essence of the soul will also shed the pain, suffering, and trauma accumulated during the previous lifetime. That is not to say that the Law of Karma will be discounted. For example, Soul A may need to reciprocate pain caused by Soul B at some later time, but merely to ensure that each soul begins a new life with a clean slate. No one is born ‘evil’ or ‘defective.’

We may encounter familiar souls as well, in many of our lifetimes. They are destined to teach us lessons, just as we are supposed to teach them. Whether we encounter them in the next lifetime will be a mystery.

Instead of a waiting room or ‘purgatory’ we might think of the time-space between lifetimes as a kind of ‘airport terminal.’ Those who are going to a particular destination, and whose life journeys have something in common, tend to gather together. While the ‘review process’ for the previous life takes place, objectives and goals for the new life are also stated. No two souls are alike and neither will their objectives. Karma exists as a ladder and everyone stands on a different rung.

As far back as I can remember I have unconsciously referred to the experiences of a previous state of existence ~ Walt Whitman

Although no one can paint an accurate portrait of this period between lives, we have all experienced it countless times and will continue to do so. It’s not a test we can study for, neither is it a destination we can pack for. In fact, it’s one of the few things which is an absolute certainty that we can’t prepare for at all.

Listen, learn, and experience your present life to its fullest. Remember the saying: life is a journey and not a destination. The same is true for our many lives through reincarnation.

About The Author: Mystic Shelley

Mystic Shelley is a five-star psychic, Reiki healer, clairvoyant and empathic reader. She offers her clients honest answers about past, present and future events with the help of her trusted guides. She reads in the area of love, relationships, career, money and all matters of life. Mystic Shelley was born with talents that would later mark her as a gifted psychic, but she chose not to embrace them early on. In her 30’s, a not-so-chance meeting with a celebrated psychic set her on a course that awakened her gifts. Born with the gifts of clairvoyance and empathy, her psychic mentor helped her to expand those abilities, taking her talents to the next level. With experience came proficiency and today she has a growing list of devoted clients who sing her praises. In addition, she’s also actively assisted other psychics to open up to their abilities. If you are looking for direct and honest answers get a reading with Mystic Shelley now at

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