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The Pentacle – Ancient Magical Symbol

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comPossibly no other spiritual or religious icon in our culture is as misunderstood as the pentacle, or five-pointed star. Many people automatically believe the pentacle is connected to some form of darkness, evil or satanic worship. This could not be further from the truth.

Along with its powerful symbolism in Wicca and other pagan traditions, the pentacle also has roots in Christian and Jewish mysticism, as well as Native American religion.

Over the centuries the symbol has taken on many meanings. Its most lasting symbolism, however, is that of the five classical elements: Earth, Fire, Air, and Water, with Spirit at its head.

Human beings attach such meaning and importance to symbols that they can inspire hope, stand in for gods, or convince someone that he or she is dying. These symbols are everywhere around you ~ Lia Habel

A “true” pentacle should always have its one point facing skyward to symbolize Spirit and a “body” in healthy balance. The “corrupted” pentacle, or Sigil of Baphomet, which only became associated with the dark arts and satanic practices in the 19th century, has its bottom two points facing upward, hence a “body” out of balance.

The idea of five points also takes on many meanings, including but not limited to: the five elements, the five visible planets of the ancient world, the five senses, the medieval Five Virtues, and the path of Venus around the Sun. The pentacle is traditionally associated with Ishtar, Aphrodite, and similar deities. It is also one of the four suits of the Tarot, representing Earth.

Pentacles are all around us today, and many do not realize their symbolism. They are found, for example, on the flags of Morocco and Ethiopia, and as the familiar lawman’s badge shape. Its connection to Masonry is also well-documented. Many Wiccans wear the pentacle as a symbol of their spiritual path. Many science fiction stories and films, such as the recent Elysium, also feature pentacles prominently.

In spite of this difficulty history, the symbol has survived, and continues to be used by those who uphold the search for divine knowledge. The sacred pentagram maintains its many wonderful and magickal ancient attributes and is still the symbol of life it has always been ~ Sharynne NicMacha

If you are a novice to Wicca or the practice of magic, the pentacle is one of the first icons you may get to know. Don’t be afraid of it! Despite what you may have heard, it is not an evil icon and it is in fact just the opposite. Find someone, if you can, who has been practicing a magical path for some time and ask him or her for some good reading material on the subject. Do your own research and educate yourself, instead of trusting unfounded superstition, rumors and urban legend.

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