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Spiritual Cleansing

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comWith a new year comes the opportunity again to better ourselves, but how many of us consider the spiritual along with the physical or mental? Like our homes or our cars, our spiritual selves accumulate ‘junk’ over time and need cleaning too.

The first clue that a spiritual cleansing or psychic clearing is overdue is that general feeling of heaviness, emotional clutter, or being overwhelmed. Just as we tend to get depressed when our living space is a wreck, if our spiritual essence is no longer working properly, neither will we as a whole unit.

A perfect way to get started, which is inexpensive and environmentally friendly, is to smudge your physical space with a healing herb such as sage, or something stronger like frankincense. As you burn these herbs, focus on ridding negative energies and memories and repeat a mantra such as, “I release that which I no longer need, and focus now on the present.”

Our soul is what makes us dance, sing, laugh, press on, keep hope alive, love, give, care, empathize, and most of all be resilient. So, if our ‘soul’ becomes toxified, so too does the very essence of our living. We all need to take the time to go on a ‘soul detox’ ~ Sophia A. Nelson

This kind of cleansing ritual can be very helpful. You can do this for any physical space where you spend lots of time, including your house, car and office at work. Essential oils are another effective method to purify. Lavender and lemon are especially known for their cleansing qualities.

Perhaps you’ve been neglecting your spiritual side? Instead of making a resolution for the new year, which may or may not last throughout the year, simply make time each day for spiritual well-being. Journaling or meditation are both popular and completely free. Some people like to include sacred objects like candles or crystals to help them focus.

Just a few minutes daily will allow you to release the stresses of each day and develop your own intuition and psychic ability. Just like you would if beginning a physical fitness routine, don’t feel like you have to do everything at once. You are unique and so will be your journey.

Remember, as you clean and take spiritual inventory, that you are not alone in your quest. Each of us has spirit guides and angels by our side who will help us when asked. If you are unfamiliar with these spirit helpers and who they are, getting to know them can be part of the spiritual cleansing process.

Of course, spiritual cleansing goes hand in hand with overall wellness and lifestyle choices. Getting enough sleep, eating nourishing food, staying physically active, and drinking plenty of water will all allow us to become stronger in all parts of ourselves, including our psychic selves.

Too many things in too small a space cut off flow, block creativity, and bury beauty, much like a bad cold can make it hard to breathe. Remove things from this space today ~ Laura Staley

Take it slowly. The universe with all its resources is there to aid us in every step of this journey, and the universe does not obsess about time and quick results the way we do. A spiritual self-inventory has to feel right to us. It’s not a contest or a race.

If you’re still stuck, write down one simple thing you can do to spiritually improve yourself. Then act upon that. Keep doing it each day, and before long, you will have developed a new habit. Like the ripples of a pond spreading ever outward, building a strong and vibrant spiritual life starts small and can be as big as you want it to be, so think big this year!

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