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Beware The Power Of The Quartz Crystal

Click Here now FOR a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comI love crystals and stones and have traveled all over the world to retrieve some of these beautiful gems of color and purpose. They carry with them amazing energy and metaphysical healing properties.

I have used crystals and stones very successfully in helping many of my clients rebalance and heal their lives, be it for the purpose of health, love, relationship, career, business, finances, or personal growth. Working with stones can assist you in achieving your goals and fulfilling your needs.

There is however one stone that I respect and revere more than the others, to the extent that I never recommend it as a ‘quick-fix’ remedy to others. This precious mineral is the pure quartz crystal. It is a very powerful energy conductor that essentially has a ‘mind of its own.’ It has no compassion, just purpose. Its energy is very direct.

The clear quartz is a stone that needs to be used to do a specific job of goodwill or serve a benevolent purpose, because it can magnify energies as much as tenfold and even higher. It must be used with great respect, for it can be harmful and even dangerous if used carelessly.

A clear quartz crystal casually worn as jewelry, for example, amplifies your mood and personality. If you are at peace with yourself and the world, and in a happy place, you will experience even more joy and happiness, and also spread it to everyone around you. But if you are angry, anxious, or depressed, the exact opposite will be true.

In other words, a little road rage, for example, could escalate to a disastrous scenario if you happen to be wearing a quartz crystal pendant. Oh my, things could get very bad! I therefore do not recommend people wear quartz crystals as everyday jewelry, because even the slightest shift in mood or emotional reaction could create havoc and derail the wearer’s day.

Known as a ‘master’ crystal, clear quartz is all about dimming the inner noise and clarifying your goals ~ Lisa Stardust

There are other crystals that make better and ‘safer’ amulets and jewelry, such as like rose quartz, for example, that has a very loving energy. Even if you get really upset, a rose quarts bracelet will quickly bring you back to a state of love and compassion, instead of anger. It is the kind of stone you can wear anytime.

Another go-to stone for every adornment is the amethyst, which is also a type of quartz crystal and also has a benevolent, loving energy. It carries naturally healing properties and a spiritual power that empowers one to better understand and help others. It will always buffer one’s anger, and help you see the light of understanding. It is also a highly protective stone that shields your energy.

So, if it does not make good jewelry, then what should clear quartz crystal be used for? Well, it needs to be assigned a definite job or clear purpose. You will need to program this stone to fulfill this desired use or purpose.

In order to get the most out of your crystals, you need to make sure they’re clean and programmed with your intention ~ Christy Lynn Abram

Giving it a well-define job or purpose makes it very valuable and empowering for your personal use, but do not imagine it can simply ‘roll with the punches’ of your daily life and automatically keep you calm and in balance – unless you have given it the actual job or duty to keep you in such balance.

The job given to a clear quartz crystal also doesn’t change from day to day. If you want to change its assignment, you need to first go through all the necessary steps to cleanse it and then reprogram it. Treat this stone with great respect and recognize its true power.

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