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The Universal Law Of Karma

Click Here for a free psychic reading at Psychic Access!Karma is a universal spiritual law, the same way that gravity is a law of nature or physics. The Law of Karma basically states that ‘as you sow, shall you reap.’ Karma is therefore the spiritual principle of ‘cause and effect.’ For every action there is an equal reaction, or ripple effect.

Karma is also what keeps everything in the Universe in balance. The Chinese symbol of Yin and Yang perfectly illustrates this process of ‘karmic balancing.’ It shows how all the positive and negative forces in the universe balance each other out, because karma equalizes the energy that flows through everything.

Every single action that we take in life is therefore like a spiritual seed we plant. Some of the seeds will sprout quickly, while others may take lifetimes to come to fruition. However long it may take, one thing is for sure, in time every seed we sow will germinate… and we will eventually have to face the result of all our actions and choices.

Karma is therefore an endless chain of actions and reactions, which binds every soul to their good and bad deeds. The soul, born into a physical body, is constantly acting to bring about the results of activity from one life to the next. We choose to act in a certain way, and then become involved with the reactions or consequences of each chosen action.

After giving up one physical body, we eventually enter into another, and we mostly forget everything about that previous life. In this way the soul reaps the results of his actions, from lifetime to lifetime. Everything that happens in our lives is nothing but the reaction of past activities.

Karma is justice. It does not reward or punish. It shows no favoritism, because we all have to earn all that we receive. Karma doesn’t predestine anything. We create our own causes and Karma adjusts the effects with perfect balance ~ Mary T. Browne

The basic principal of karma is that for every good action we take, we receive good reactions or outcomes. But if someone chooses to inflict violence and cruelty on others, then they will ultimately suffer equal pain in this life, or the next. For each action there is a consequence. If a human being unnecessarily takes the life of an innocent animal, for example, he too must suffer at some point in the future.

Everything we are today is the total result of all of our activities performed up to this moment. If we want our lives to be different in our future, then we have to change our activities in the present. By doing this, we change the direction of our lives. Our actions are therefore always the primary cause of the conditions or the effects that we experience in our lives.

There is no such thing as an accident or coincidence. Everything that happens to us, happens by cause and effect – not by chance. By being kind and charitable, we become a person who is compassionate and generous. We are continually shaping our destiny and spiritual character, which has an echoing effect on the world around us.

Contrary to popular misconception, karma has nothing to do with punishment and reward. It exists as part of our holographic universe’s binary or dualistic operating system only to teach us responsibility for our creations – and all things we experience are our creations ~ Sol Luckman

This is why mindful living and daily spiritual practice is so important, because it makes us much more aware of our actions and habits, and how our life choices impact our well-being and personal fulfillment. Being more spiritually aware helps us to examine our intentions before we act. The implications of this can be life changing! We all have the ability to change for the better, no matter how ingrained our worst habits and traits are.

Some people talk about ‘bad karma’ and ‘good karma.’ I am not a fan of this kind of labeling, because it encourages us to make judgments, when we don’t have all the information that is needed. The truth is that there is grace and Heaven is merciful. And yes we have to be accountable for our actions, no question about that. But God never gives us more than we can handle.

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A Psychic, Medium and Paranormal Investigator living in New Jersey, Andrea has been a top featured internet psychic for many years. She was born with psychic gifts that made her unique in her family. At 17, she was in a horrific car accident and recalls traveling to the other side, describing the beauty beyond explanation. She received last rights, but returned with gifts that were enhanced considerably--a blessing she treasures to this day. It was her calling to stick around to help people, and this is exactly what she's been doing ever since! Her ability to help clients recall their past lives has helped many to understand where they're headed in the future. With the help of her Spirit Guides and Angels, she gives clarity on any issue, always respecting her clients, while telling it like it is. If you'd like an accurate reading with a caring, kind, and accurate Psychic and Medium, you can find Andrea at

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  • Thank you for the beautiful lesson! I can tell that you are a good human being who want to live a good and fair life. I totally agree with the law of karma. I also feel that we should strive to be mindful not because karma will get us but because it feel good to know that you are not disturbing the balance or hurting anyone. It is easy to take shortcuts and be selfish the real challenge is to achieve without hurting the balance. Great article and great insight.

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