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The Blue Jay – A Sign From Spirit

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comI grew up Christian. My mother was devout and my father followed, yet was not as much of a believer. I remain very spiritual in my adult years, but although I still hold my belief in God and spirit, I no longer follow any particular religion.  I also have no doubt there is an afterlife and that our spirit lives on. One of the most significant moments of faith and joy on my spiritual journey happened when my father was sick and dying.

He was a magnificent man and I loved him dearly. He was my rock, the anchor in my family. He truly was that one person in this world who was always there for all of us. When he was losing his health battle, I tried to speak to him about faith, as I could tell he was afraid of dying. It was so sad for me to see him with so much fear, as he used to always be such a fearless man. Until now.

He told me he did not know for sure where he would go or what would happen to him, once he passed. He had tears in his eyes. He said, “I believe there is something after this life, but I am not sure about Heaven, or what it will be.” I could tell he was actually very afraid, and it broke my heart. I tried to reassure him. “Dad, I have every faith that you will live on in spirit,” I said.

He was a patient in palliative care, with about a month left to live according to the doctors. He was struggling emotionally. It wrecked my heart every day to witness his fear and uncertainty. He had also been very worried about those he was leaving behind.

Eventually, we reached the time where he was losing consciousness. He was drifting in and out, but while he could not do more than utter a sound or squeeze my hand, I knew he could hear me, as he would continue to respond.

People in spirit use many means to let us know they are fine, and sending the message via the bird kingdom is just one way ~ Andrea Wansbury

He had a tattoo on his arm of a blue jay. Strangely enough, above his hospital bed on the wall there also was a picture of two blue jays. Every day, when I would arrive at the hospital, I would play some classical calming music on the radio, hold his hand and talk to him, despite him being mostly unresponsive for a few days by then.

I began to talk about God and I told him, “Dad, I know you are afraid, but you have to trust me on this. It is okay to let go. Don’t let fear hold you here. We will be okay. And so will you. I know you will have an afterlife and I know you will be in a beautiful place. In fact, I am so certain of it that I want you to send me a sign when it happens. I need a sign from you, so I know you are okay and I can move on knowing you are truly at peace. Send me a bird. It needs to be a blue jay, and it needs to come directly to me in a clear way that I will know you are at peace. Promise me you will do this dad, send me this message that your spirit is there and you are at peace.”

He then moved in his bed and squeezed my hand so tight that I will never forget it.

I got the call many days later, early in the morning. My darling dad had passed around 5am. I was numb. Knowing it is coming, does not make the shock any easier. I wanted to see him and was the only one that wanted to. I drove to the hospital. Everything was autopilot. I did what I needed to do. I said goodbye and touched his beautiful hair and stayed for the longest time. I drove home, numb.

It happened later that afternoon, when I was alone in my backyard, pacing, just pacing, and beyond devastated. Was he okay? How would my world be without him in it?   I started to speak out loud through my tears, “Dad, I want my dad, I just want my Dad one more time.” It was gut-wrenching and I felt so alone in this world. As I was muttering this to God himself, sobbing for my Dad, suddenly there was this awful screaming, just a few feet in front of me in the direction I was walking.  I looked up in shock, not even realizing what it was, wiping my tears, so I could see where it was coming from, and there it was. The blue jay.

Our loved ones are always around us—in one form or another. Signs will come, they always do.  Stay open to greater possibilities and you’ll start seeing them ~ Craig McManus

There was a big ball of chicken wire on my lawn, I had just ripped out of my garden to throw away. Perched on it, barely hanging on and trying to keep its grip, was a blue jay. It was right in front of my face, a few feet away, squawking loudly and looking directly into my eyes.

It took me a moment to realize what I was being given. In my grief I had forgotten of the promise of the blue jay. I stood there stunned. My jaw dropped open, and I said out loud, “Oh my dear God, thank you. Thank you so much for this gift! Dad, now I know you are okay.” My tears instantly disappeared, and my heart filled with gratitude, love and peace.

The blue jay continued to squawk, and then loudly took flight. He flew away across my yard, but with his head turned towards me, as if he could see the wonder and peace on my face…as if to say, “There you go my girl, you were right and I am okay. I am at peace and my spirit does live on, just like you assured me it would.”

It was the greatest gift, and the most poignant moment, where God, Universe and Spirit showed me all I needed to see. I will carry that most beautiful moment with me for the rest of my life. Do not ever lose your faith in the strength of our spirit.

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