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Why A Psychic Did Not Foresee My Father’s Illness

Click picture for a free reading right now at PsychicAccess.comWhen my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2005, he seemed to be equally upset by an event that happened many years prior. A psychic medium had told him that he would never get cancer. This was the same well-known psychic medium who had helped him make the transition from atheist to spiritualist, by giving him undeniable evidence of the existence of the afterlife.

My father often mentioned that health prediction, whenever he relayed the stories of his many subsequent readings with the same medium. The prediction came along with messages from my grandfather, which confirmed specific details of his final battle with lung cancer. He had been a smoker and also worked in the coalmines in Wales during his youth.

Lots of folks confuse bad management with destiny ~ Kin Hubbard

It is my opinion that the medium was seeing the most likely outcome for my father at the time, who did suffer endless digestive problems as a result of contracting amoebic dysentery in Burma at the end of the Second World War. But even he admitted that he had done his body no justice over the years with his heavy drinking. In later years, he was drinking very cheap spirits, which he would put into his coffee. He also said that because of his stomach issues, he felt more comfortable not eating.

Perhaps he was tempting fate in not being self-loving? He did that to his own body, never thinking that he would ultimately suffer so much. In the end he wasn’t even able to mask his pain with alcohol anymore, because he could no longer swallow.

I don’t feel that we can blame a medium or psychic for ‘missing’ something like this in our future. Surely, we steer our own destiny to a great degree, including the sometimes destructive choices and patterns in our health and lifestyle, as well as any other risks we take.

I often contemplate the concepts of free will and destiny in various spiritual traditions and philosophical teachings. It has always resonated with me that we choose and plan our own life.

Often, when I read something in a book on reincarnation specifically relating to a case history on a pre-planned life, it takes me back to a past life regression session I had some 20 years ago. I was with a regression therapist in whom I had great trust. After the session in question, I relayed to him how this particular session didn’t make sense to me, because I felt like I was hovering like a bumble bee over a very green land, as if I was seeking something.

When an inner situation is not made conscious it appears outside as fate ~ Carl Jung

He seemed to know exactly what it was all about, before I could even describe the scenery. He smiled and said, “This is you, where you had not taken on physical form yet, and you were deciding on where to be born in order to have the appropriate life lessons for this incarnation you are living now.” The greenery and scenery itself, certainly looked similar to where I had been born in England, despite spending very little time there in later years.

We don’t always stick completely to our pre-birth plan. Perhaps, in the case of my father, it was in his life-plan to take care of his physical form and not get sick, but he found it too hard being in a physical form without the crutch of substance abuse.

I don’t feel it was an oversight by the psychic medium not foreseeing my father’s illness. Perhaps he wasn’t meant to. Perhaps not foreseeing those health issues was exactly as it was meant to be. Perhaps he got the reading he was meant to, for his life lesson.

About The Author: Shani

Shani is a qualified practitioner in Reiki, aromatherapy, reflexology, body spin, and animal telepathy who received psychic development training at the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Research in England. A published writer, her articles and predictions have appeared in several respected magazines and on psychic websites, and she has read for many celebrities and even heads of state in Africa. Though she was born in London, Shani has traveled the globe and has studied the art of African Mysticism, bringing her unique flavor to those seeking her incredible talents. Get a reading with Shani at

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