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Life Contentment

Click picture for a free reading right now at PsychicAccess.comEdgar Cayce (1877-1945) is recognized as the most documented psychic medium of 20th Century. Also known as “The Sleeping Prophet” he would enter a trance state of altered consciousness, to answer questions about diverse subjects, ranging from medical issues and holistic health, to past lives and philosophy. The majority of his channeled readings were recorded, numbered and archived.

Cayce’s life’s work is preserved and continued through the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E) founded circa 1931. My last visit there was 20 years ago and I recall being told by a curator, “Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, and the physical is the result.”

Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you ~ Lao Tzu

The Cayce reading below speaks to me of how we need to reach a place of acknowledgement and peace in our life experiences and be content in the moment with whatever resources we have around us, in order for us to really evolve spiritually. Not to be merely satisfied or complacent, but to utilize Spirit as our source of inspiration and manifestation. To then use our mind and knowledge to take action and be a builder, and through our action manifest the result.

He that is able to conquer self has conquered more than had he taken many cities. The little things build for the greater contentment in life. Be content with that within thine own experience, using that thou hast in hand. Be not satisfied, for being satisfied with thine own development, or thine own glory, honor, or whatnot, is to become stale, unstable, unwise, in the activities of life’s experience. – ‪Edgar Cayce Reading 2670-1

So, in today’s times there may be all sorts of concerns and fears that you have, but which ones are you allowing to dominate your mind? How does it feel when you are focused on any of them? Tense? Nauseated perhaps?

Now, to change that, look around you to see what or who you have in your life that positively enhances you. Who makes you smile? What brings you that rush of excitement? If nothing comes to mind..dig a little deeper. Look for the small innocuous things. The dog wagging its tail as you enter the room after work, or the smile of a stranger that uplifts you from your moment of sadness. As stated by Cayce, it is the little things that build for the greater contentment in life.

In reality, we have been raised to be competitive, and to focus on the negative, which takes up so much time and energy. The mainstream news media seldom devotes any print space or airtime to honoring the uplifting and positive, yet in reality there is just as much positive and uplifting news happening every day. We just have to seek it out.

Contentment has the ability to squeeze out of every situation all the good there is to get ~ Shantidasa

Our demanding, multiple roles in modern life, often also put us in a place of a lacking contentment. Parent, spouse, supervisor, peer, romantic partner, friend, caregiver, are just a few of the roles that influence contentment.

To get back to contentment, recognize your limitations of the moment, gain new knowledge or find someone with the skills you need. Say thanks for all experiences, good or bad, because it is either an improvement in your life, or an opportunity for improvement. Relationships, careers, happiness all stems from an awareness. Consider keeping a gratitude journal or find time to meditate.

Do not be content in a lackluster or miserable set of circumstances. Decide that although you may not currently be in a place of contentment, that your actions can bring about change in an instant, as the Universe does provide. Live and breathe the frame of mind of contentment and it will be brought to you. Remember, Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, and the physical is the result. Go forth and manifest contentment in your life.

About The Author: Graham

Graham has developed a powerful connection with Spirit that he shares with the world, passing along valuable and detailed information that includes specific dates and time frames. His service to Spirit has allowed him to transform countless lives and it continually validates continuity of life. Spirit has even saved his own life! Colleagues have learned to trust his advice, even if they can't explain how he does what he does. With many loyal clients around the world to attest to his talent, Graham continues to reach many more through his eight CD audiobook on Mediumship and other Metaphysical subjects. Graham was born in England but now resides in New England. He's a certified Medium, Channel and Spiritual Healer, to name but a few of his offerings. He is also a teacher and has served on Spiritualist committees in the US and in Europe. He's provided thousands of readings and also loves to give back to the community, offering his services at fundraising events, local hospices, churches and camps—wherever he is needed. If you'd like precise and accurate information on your life path, you can find Graham at

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