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I Have No Rest, But Only Turmoil

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comRecently I was asked to go to the home of a friend who I used to work with. There was something paranormal going on at her house and had asked for my help.

The house is more than a 100 years old and it is divided into three sections, with two upper levels. When I entered the house I felt there was an energy around that was positive and benevolent, but there was also something there that was negative and malicious. It was clear to me that this house was home to some kind of daily spiritual tension or battle.

It was getting close to midnight and I wanted to start taking pictures, both with the light turned on and off. First I lead us in prayer asking for protection and guidance. After the prayer we both introduced ourselves, to let whoever was present know that we meant no harm. I also made it clear that I was going to take some pictures and invited anyone present in spirit to come forward and make their presence known.

Spiritual warfare is very real. There is a furious, fierce, and ferocious battle raging in the realm of the spirit between the forces of God and the forces of evil. Warfare happens every day, all the time. Whether you believe it or not, you are in a battlefield. You are in warfare ~ Pedro Okoro

My plan was to start in the cellar and work our way back to the top floor. The basement was my first port of call, because this is where she said most of the activity usually happens. My friend was clearly very nervous. She had become so scared that she now refused to do laundry down there. She had told her husband that she wanted the washer and dryer moved upstairs.

Well, since this a very old house we had to walk outside to go the cellar. It had been converted into a full-size basement, and you could smell the musky smell and dampness. I started taking pictures of the basement, with my friend holding on very tightly to the back of my shirt. I had to keep reassuring her that we were safe and protected.

Later, I downloaded close to 300 images to my computer. I found some very interesting shots, but there were three specific pictures that really caught my attention – especially because they were in sequence!

The first picture was a very bright orange orb which may indicate an angered spirit that needs healing, although orange could have several other meanings also. The second and third pictures showed white orbs, but not in the same place. A white orb indicates high frequency energy and is typically a sign of protection or shielding. I spotted many orbs in the other pictures too. These were not like the three I took upstairs, because the lights where off… so I know that the digital camera was not out of focus.

The next morning my friend called me with news. After my visit that night her husband, when he returned from his shift at work, found their Bible opened to Job 3:26. Her cell phone was placed on top of the open pages. They asked me what I felt it meant. The meaning to me was obvious.

Job 3:26 reads, “I have no peace, no quietness; I have no rest, but only turmoil”.

About The Author: Raymond

Growing up on the streets of Columbus Ohio, Raymond learned at a very young age that he was gifted in many ways, including the ability to read someone's eyes and using a regular deck of playing cards to read the future! His mother was from a Native American family, namely the Black Foot tribe, and his father was German. Raymond discovered that both sides of his family had a psychic legacy. Over the years he has gained additional knowledge from books and by talking to trusted family members. Raymond has been doing psychic reading for others for over 3 decades, and over the years he gained many loyal clients from all walks of life. Visit Raymond for a reading at

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