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Spiritual Rituals Provide Sacred Space

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comSpiritual ceremonies, where humans gather together in a circle, are especially potent. An energetic hoop gathers over the circle to assist in the endeavor for the gathering, whether it be for the purpose of celebrating a new birth, honoring a solstice, or to express anything of importance to humanity, as individuals, or as a group.

Altars are also powerful. They are a gathering place for spirits to provide protection and shielding, to aid in a calling or, perhaps, to provide a sacred place for the energy of one who has crossed to another dimension to gather and connect. Or, we might choose to build an altar dedicated to providing an anchor for our business when we are away, the same as when we are present.

A sacred space is one between the worlds, a spot that is not just a physical place, but one that exists on the spiritual plane as well  ~ Patti Wigington

Another use of the altar is to honor a sacred alliance in our lives with an ascended master, or any of the kingdoms found in nature, such as four-legged, winged, mineral, plant, water-being, insect, shell, reptile and elements. Altars provide gentle comfort, due to the connection they provide with entities we love. The list is as endless as the power of an altar is infinite.

Indigenous cultures have known how to work with energy to transform even the elements, such as rain, for millennia, although it is difficult for our culture to grasp the ramifications and importance. We’ve been taught, for the most part, that this power doesn’t exist. However, science has proven that everything has its own vibrational frequency, whether it is a living being, or otherwise.

Each and every one of us came about when a star burst millions of years ago. We are stardust! And you don’t have to be a cultural relic. Instead, try harnessing your power through ceremony, whether alone or with others, and build altars and create scared space. The ways to do this are countless, as indigenous cultures know. Be your own intuitive guide, or rely on those that know the old ways, and learn their wisdom. It is one of the most powerful paths available to us on Mother Earth.

For me, it is love.

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Mountain Sage's profession is Metaphysical Academics. Her extensive training includes Oracle, Healing, Universal Laws & Principles, the Sacred Circle and Psychic Shielding. Focus includes Ascended Masters, Altars, Minerals, etc. She holds the great honor of Oracle Carrier by her tribe due to her outstanding psychic ability, passion for the psychic realm, integrity and sacred work. Get a psychic reading with Mountain Sage at

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