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Changing Palm Lines Reflect Your Spiritual Progress

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comSome years ago, I had a palm reading with a lady who lives nearby. Palmistry is not one of my specialties, but I did find the experience interesting and learned much from what she told me.

She focused on my line of fate, also known as the line of Saturn. It is a crease in the center of the palm that often intersects the head and heart lines and runs close to the life line.

In its formation she identified a future time in my life when I’d be traversing a lot of difficulty. This later proved to be true, but I have since managed to successfully overcome those challenges and my life is now so much better.

Interestingly, I recently discovered that my fate line has shifted since then. Instead of shooting straight up, as it did when this lady read for me, it now leans further to the right, towards my heart line.

Doing some further research on the matter, I discovered that our palm lines do shift for over time. I believe this may be the result of our personal growth and spiritual evolution.

This lesser-known phenomenon in palmistry is in alignment with most other forms of divination and psychic channeling. Instead of accepting a foregone, sometimes even grim fate in any reading or forecasting, we are constantly changing, growing, and evolving in mind, body and soul. In time, subtle changes in our palm lines should therefore increasingly reflect this.

I believe my Saturn line has meanwhile sloped towards my heart line because I now do the work I truly love, helping people daily with the guidance of spirit. Back then, when I received the palm reading, I was still doing psychic readings part-time, while working full-time in healthcare. That changed two years later, when I went into full-time spiritual work.

Your destiny is in two places: one is in your hands, and the other is in your dreams ~ Michael Bassey Johnson

This is an aspect of authentic psychic reading that I have always relished. It is empowering to know that our life path is not cast in stone and that we ultimately determine our own fate and destiny.

Palmistry becomes even more interesting when one considers the differences between the dominant and non-dominant hands. Traditionally it is believed that our dominant hand reveals challenges and opportunities in our future, while our non-dominant hand shows our potential and hidden traits, as well as our past.

I’ve noticed changes in both my hands, but more prominently in my dominant hand. For example, my heart line has developed a forked branch at the end, where previously, there was none.

The best part of these subtle changes in one’s palm lines is that we can monitor our own evolutionary progress over time. It’s a perpetual ‘free reading!’ Using our hands as a simple barometer for measuring our personal and spiritual growth, is an encouraging way to stay motivated and keep going every time you reach that next energetic step up the divine ladder of your soul progress. Instead of comparing yourself to others, you can compare yourself with former versions of yourself!

People say fate is in our hands, and whether it turns against us depends entirely upon our deeds ~ Tamuna Tsertsvadze

The moral of the story? Be brave and adventurous! Invest time and energy in your self-development, self-care, and spiritual practice. Venture into your flexible future with an open heart and mind. Consider even the smallest progress worthwhile achieving. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. In time, you may notice gradual shifts developing in your palm lines too, as you continue your amazing spiritual growth journey.

About The Author: Esther

Esther knows the best way to survive trauma is to keep looking for the positives in life! She left a successful career as a pharmacist in 2017, to help others see their way through the darkness. She honed her psychic gifts and developed strong counseling skills that helped thousands. She hosts her own radio show on Wednesdays and has been a sought after guest on other programs. An expert in Astrology and Tarot, she maintains a list of 250 personal clients, she's served over 2000 clients from all walks of life, and has dispensed accurate information and insights to those in need. She uses a holistic approach that allowed her to deal with her own serious illness and avoid an organ transplant! In life, she's conquered pill addiction, divorce, a serious illness and has the life experience to help others overcome their own obstacles too. For over 10 years, she led an education group for psychiatric patients and has an acquired wealth of knowledge in general health and wellness. There's no better door to knock on than Esther's. This gifted intuitive has walked in your shoes and has come out the other side healthy, happy and fulfilled. You can find Esther at

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