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More Joy, Less Struggle!

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comI work with many clients who are experiencing significant spiritual growth. They are often exploring different metaphysical modalities, questioning their beliefs, investigating their energy patterns and mental habits, and contemplating higher consciousness. They read books, attend workshops, watch videos, and put a great deal of energy, effort and focus into their personal unfolding.

However, while they enjoy the freedom and fulfillment that comes with having all the ‘ah-ha’ moments and uncovering deeper levels of healing and development, many of them also begin to wonder after a while why it is no longer so much fun. If this is at all familiar to you, your angels want you to know that you are not alone in this feeling.

As we venture deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of metaphysics and mysticism, we tend to get more and more ‘in our heads.’ Activities and hobbies that we once loved also begin to lose their appeal. It even becomes difficult to hang out with the people or be in the social settings that were once enjoyable to us.

The angels confirm that this is perfectly normal. As we begin to see through the veil and recognize what is real, it is only natural for the things that once served to distract us from the truth of who we truly are, to lose their shine and appeal. The quest then is to discover and engage with those things that truly bring us joy and fulfillment, beyond the everyday noise of unconscious existence.

The angels invite you today to explore what it is that brings your soul joy in this lifetime, and open to the possibility that growing through joy will bring you greater soul growth than any other means. Here are three simple ways you can tap into your soul’s joy.

Joy is a choice based on being content regardless of circumstances. Understanding what encourages joy in your life can help you cultivate it and build up your resources for when circumstances are difficult ~ M. Ahlers

Ask For Guidance

Practice a daily habit of asking for guidance and inspiration. Ask spirit to show you what will bring your soul the most joy today. When faced with a decision, ask which option will bring you the most joy. By simply incorporating this daily awareness of seeking joy you will increase its flow in your life.

Release Resistance

Pay attention when you find yourself resisting the possibility of joy. For example, many of us have the limiting belief that work is not supposed to me fun. It must always be challenging or demanding, and joy is something to be had only on the weekends. Flip this outdated belief on its head by finding examples of role-models who really love and enjoy their work and by seeking greater joy in everything you do every day.

Open To Possibilities

We tend to have false, self-limiting beliefs that personal and spiritual growth can only come through hard labor and constant struggle. And if we are not being perfectly pious and stoic, then we are not sacrificing enough or not doing enough to attain enlightenment, nor salvation. Kick these limiters to the curb and watch how much more empowered you begin to feel when your soul becomes an expression of happiness and joy, instead of hardship and struggle!

Remember, although we are in this life to grow and heal, we are also here to have fun and enjoy all the pleasures of this physical life adventure.

About The Author: Megan

Megan was born with wide open gifts, experiencing dreams and premonitions at a very early age. She has had 30 years of daily tutelage from Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and the Ashtar Command. Since 1993, Megan has been providing honest and compassionate readings and healings, starting with friends and family, then transitioning to a professional practice, in 2006. She's certified in various psychic and healing methods, including Reiki, Angel Work, and specializing in relationship readings, giving detailed info on how long a relationship will last, whether the partner is honest, and what their intentions are going forward. Megan has accurately read for clients around the world. She is very proud and grateful for her client loyalty and has a long list of devoted clients who have worked with her for years, many since the inception of her practice. To get a life-changing psychic reading with Megan reach out to her today at

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