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The Psychic Diet

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comThere are various diets, nutrition programs and recommended eating habits for keeping the mind, body and soul functioning at optimum levels. Healthy nutrition is especially crucial in maintaining our spiritual wellness and psychic intuition. It is vital for psychics, mediums, empaths and energy healers to find an optimal diet that works best for them, because quality metaphysical and psychic work can only be achieved when it is supported by a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.

Eating whole foods, drinking plenty of water, and minimal consumption of alcohol, are all good for our psychic attunement, especially for people with intuitive gifts, such as mediums. Eating clean, wholesome food will improve one’s psychic connection.

Some experts believe that a psychic diet should restrict meat consumption, although I do not feel that this is absolutely necessary. Some empaths and energy healers, for example, report taking on the feelings of the animals they consume. A decision to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet is a personal one, and other health concerns, such as anemia or micronutrient shortages must be considered for the individual.

Psychics who do include meat in their diet, should ideally choose organic, free range meats. Some believe it best to stick to only chicken or fish. Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, are considered to be beneficial for all. It’s best to eat organic or locally grown produce whenever possible.

When a specific food substance is brought within the body’s vibratory field, it may immediately weaken, strengthen, or not appreciably affect the person ~ Gabriel Cousens

Hydration is just as important as the foods we eat. Water is always the best choice, though herbal, non-caffeinated teas are also a good option, as are non-sweetened juices. Caffeine appears to be a matter of personal choice. Some psychics say it gives them an extra edge. If you do, and can’t give up your coffee, be sure to consume it in moderation.

It’s best to avoid alcohol altogether. Alcohol, along with recreational drugs, dulls the normal senses, as well as the psychic senses. It is possible to drink occasionally, or at social gatherings, though it’s best to abstain on days when you engage in psychic work.

We live in an era of processed foods. For obvious reasons, such as the lack of nutritional value and the presence of chemical compounds, it’s best to avoid these foods altogether. Psychics are what they eat. If we consume something which is ‘empty,’ our psychic gifts will be empty as well.

In addition, anything with high amounts of sugar  is usually best avoided. Check labels, as many foods have hidden amounts of sugar.

When engaging in spiritual or psychic practice, either for ourselves or others, it’s best to have a wholesome, nourishing meal beforehand. Eating and drinking things that make us feel our best will give the best possible results. Overeating or starving ourselves does no one any good. Hydrating properly is also a best practice.

Science and mindfulness complement each other in helping people to eat well and maintain their health and well-being ~ Thích Nhất Hạnh

Don’t forget a healthy sleep schedule either! Sleep is an often overlooked part of the nutritional cycle. If we don’t get enough sleep, our bodies aren’t able to function properly and absorb nutrients. It takes the body, down to the cellular level, several hours to fully reset.

No two psychics are alike, and no two sets of unique dietary needs are either. It’s best to find intuitively what works best for you. Also take into account your individual health, allergies or sensitivities, and aversions. What works for someone else may not work for you. When you do find your nutritional balance, you’ll be able to maintain and operate at your best possible psychic levels.

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Mystic Shelley is a five-star psychic, Reiki healer, clairvoyant and empathic reader. She offers her clients honest answers about past, present and future events with the help of her trusted guides. She reads in the area of love, relationships, career, money and all matters of life. Mystic Shelley was born with talents that would later mark her as a gifted psychic, but she chose not to embrace them early on. In her 30’s, a not-so-chance meeting with a celebrated psychic set her on a course that awakened her gifts. Born with the gifts of clairvoyance and empathy, her psychic mentor helped her to expand those abilities, taking her talents to the next level. With experience came proficiency and today she has a growing list of devoted clients who sing her praises. In addition, she’s also actively assisted other psychics to open up to their abilities. If you are looking for direct and honest answers get a reading with Mystic Shelley now at

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