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Communicating With Your Spirit Guides

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comEach of us has spirit guides that are with us from the moment we are born, right up until we take our final breath. Just as they are named, your spirit guides are here to help guide you through life. There are spirit guides who are with you for shorter periods of time to help assist you through certain situations, and of course, your closest spirit guides who will accompany you through your entire life.

What differentiates your guardian angels from spirit guides, is that your spirit guides, at some point in history, lived a physical incarnation on Earth and grew enough spiritually to earn the honor of title of being a spirit guide. They went through very similar issues while here in this world, compared to what you will experience in your own life. This is why they become your spirit guide, devoted specifically to you, and this is what makes the two of you the best team!

Your spirit guides work with you in a variety of ways, therefore you have different spirit guides working in conjunction with certain areas in your life. In addition to your guardian angels, you have protector guides who give you warning signs when things can be unstable or off in your environment. You also have a doctor teacher, a doctor chemist, joy guides, master guides, inner and outer band guides, as well as ascended masters guides… and that’s just to name a few of them!

I believe I am connecting to angels and spirit guides and ancestors. All of that is falling under the category of God and the energy presence of God, and that is what I can tap into when I tune in and slow down ~ Gabrielle Bernstein

Communicating with your spirit guides is life-changing. Once you make contact with them and validate their presence, your time here on Earth is never quite the same afterward. You have then gained access to your best friend and confidant, whose advice, if you’ll listen to and trust it, can help map out your mission here.

Once contact is made we realize that we are not alone on this journey in life and that we have round the clock support and guidance anytime we need. However, many people tell me in my intuitive development courses that they can’t connect with their guides, or are discouraged because they think they’re not psychic enough to make a connection.

Your guides will use whatever means they need to, to get a message through to you, and they know your gifts and strongest senses to use. If you are a musician, they will play song lyrics, either in your mind, or when you listen to the radio, and so on. They do this to get your attention; to convey something to you.

If you are the type of person who is more analytical, intellectual, or an academic type, your guides will bring you information through books, or everyday conversation with others, and most often through your own thoughts. Say you are struck with a brilliant idea or inspired by certain topics. Then be sure to pay close attention to the thoughts that inspire and delight you, as they are messages from your guides providing direction and action steps for you to take. If you are a feeling-oriented person, usually you will get feelings or sensations that will reveal divine guidance for you.

No matter what type of person you are, or how psychic or not you may think you are, everyone has spirit guides and they are so happy when you acknowledge their presence that they will go out of their way to show you who they are and what they want to convey to you. The first step is simply acknowledging their presence, the rest happens naturally. They will work together with you, giving you messages in ways you couldn’t even imagine. All you have to do is ask.

We begin to see that we are spiritually linked with people halfway around the world, and with those who lived hundreds, even thousands of years ago. We begin to see that we emerge from, and are the expressions of, a single consciousness that is limited by neither time nor space ~ Hal Zina Bennett

You see, your spirit guides are on the same plane as your deceased loved ones, in the astral realm. This is actually where you go each night when you fall asleep in dreamland. Whether you know it or not, you are already very familiar with the astral plane, because you leave your physical body at night when you go to sleep and travel to the astral realm.

I usually tell my students they are all psychic, because intrinsically, or energetically, at the core, they are intuition itself. My spirit guide once shared this exact message with me before an audience reading where I was feeling nervous and had thoughts of self-doubt. What if I couldn’t do this?

My guides explained that we are all thought forms and energy whether in a physical body, or not. What we are made up of is intuition, meaning, our everyday thoughts, feelings, and what keeps us alive are the same components of what makes up what we call intuition. Intuition is actually one of the most natural things to our existence, but due to society’s conditioning we forget our true nature. Once you remember though, it’s like a light bulb goes on… and you have access to a whole host of abilities.

After understanding what my spirit guides were saying, which was essentially that I am intuition itself, my nerves calmed and the event was a successful evening where many spirits came through clearly by name and with other details for my sitters. The art of mediumship is when you connect with your deceased loved ones. This is very similar to connecting with your spirit guides, because you’re connecting to the same plane or realm.

Learning to be more psychic, for whatever reason you wish, whether it’s to connect with your spirit guides, loved ones, or to enhance your intuition, invites you to learn in a different style than you would when taking in information in a typical class or formal course of study. Rather than leaning forward in your chair and trying to memorize or focus intently on a subject or material, you can relax, take a deep breath, and sit back in your chair to become more receptive. You don’t have to try hard at all to communicate with spirit, you only need to defocus or ‘go blank’ like an empty canvas with nothing on it. You can even imagine your mind becoming blank sheet of paper for anything spirit wants to imprint onto it. Ask for the message to be repeated several times for consistency.

Your Spirit Guides and Angels will never let you down as you build a rapport with them. In the end, they may be the only ones who don’t let you down ~ Linda Deir

As far as physical placement, I find that spirit guides stand just behind and beside our shoulders, or directly behind us, and when we talk to them they walk around and in front of us to face us. Your spirit guide usually likes to meet you in a place that is comfortable for you or that you are fond of. For example, if you like water, go to the water. If you can’t get to the water, close your eyes and imagine you are at the water, the ocean, lake, or river. Hear the sound of the waves of the ocean or the ripples in the lake or river, and feel as though you’re really there.

Once you have done this, ask, “Which spirit guide is with me today?” The spirit guide who needs to be made known to you will step forward. Ask as many questions as you like, until you feel you have enough information. Spirit guide names can sometimes be hard to hear or pronounce, but if you can get an initial or a ‘sounds like’ name, they are happy enough with that, until you further and deepen your relationship with them.

This will take a little practice, but if you sit quietly every day for several minutes, you’ll start to see some progress within a month. Developing a good relationship with your spirit guides takes time, but once you learn to connect with them you’ve just amplified your intuition hugely, as well as opening up more to your natural talents, passions, and interests in this life, so that you can be the person you were born to be and do what you came here to do.

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