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An Invitation From The Faeries

click picture for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comFaeries love fun and love to play! When you are experiencing a creative phase, or feeling called to go outdoors, or into the garden, there’s a good chance you are being called out to have some fun and free spirited playtime with the faeries.

Typically, faeries, or fae, are easiest for us to connect with during the times of year when seasonal energy portals are open on the cross quarters holidays of the Summer and Winter Solstice, and Spring and Fall Equinox. These times are traditionally also celebrated in the ancient pagan festivals and religious holy days of Imbolc (Saint Brigid’s Day) on February 1st, Ostara (Easter) on March 21st, Beltane (St. Walburga’s Day)on May 1st, Litha (St John’s Day) on June 20th, Lammas (Loaf Mass Day) on August 1st, and Samhain (All Saints’ Day) on October 31st.

Nothing can be truer than fairy wisdom. It is as true as sunbeams ~ Douglas William Jerrold

The word faerie (or fairy) comes from the Latin word fata (fate) and Old French faerie (enchantment). In French folklore the fee was a woman skilled in magic, and who knew the power of words, stones, and herbs.

Spending time out in nature and feeling the nourishment of being around the energy of plants, trees, flowers, and herbs, puts us inside the magical healing world of the faeries. They want us to remember that we all share this beautiful planet, so it is good to show your respect for nature by recycling, using all-natural products, and picking up trash or litter when you see it on the ground.

Faeries also gravitate toward love and romance. This summer, put together a picnic lunch in a basket, and bring your favorite person or pet with you to a place in nature that you love. Maybe there’s a pond or a stream, a park or a forest that beckons you. When you have arrived at your picnic site and you have settled in, call upon the ‘wee folk’ to join you.

Always remember to leave an offering fro them, such as a treat of honey, cream, bread, or grains, and you will find magic begins to appear in your life! Many believe that if you connect with the faerie realm through nature, leaving sweet treats out, or just communing with them in general, they grant wishes and bring magic to your life.

I used to live near Ann Arbor, Michigan and I was a student at the Avalonian Seminary at the time. There was an author in my group who knew a lot about faerie magic and mythology. She had shared a few secrets with me about the faeries, and how to connect with them. One of the things she suggested was to wear a pendant of the seven pointed Elven Star, which I did. The other was the number seven. She told me that seven was the number of the faeries, and that it was auspiciously connected to them.

Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again ~ C. S. Lewis

I was alone in the house one day and I was about to start work from my home office, but first, decided to get some chocolate chip cookies from the kitchen. I took one cookie out and broke it into eleven pieces. I then placed the pieces on a special plate and brought them into a room on the top floor of the house. I spoke aloud, “Faeries, I have a sweet treat for you!” I left the room, and closed the door.

At the end of the work day, I went back into the room to find the plate with only seven pieces left on it! There was also a very strong presence of love in the room. The faeries gave me the evidence I needed to prove they were there, and they left seven pieces, as a confirmation of what the author in my group told me about faeries and the number seven.

To this day, I remain intrigued by the prevalence and presence of the faeries in my life. In my experience they want very much for us to come back to our childhood innocence, and to spend more time enjoying the simpler aspects of life. There is an open invitation from the faeries for us to connect with our inner child, and to remember the magic that is alive and free for all to partake in everyday. May the luck of the faeries be with you too, and may you experience their magic all year round.

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