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Third Eye Awakening

Click on picture for a free reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThe third eye is the chakra or energy center that is associated with clear thought. Many equate this to intuition, but it really goes beyond that. It empowers us to gain spiritual ‘sight’ related to all circumstances of life.

When the third eye is ‘closed,’ it is difficult for us to recognize the purpose of what we are experiencing and it also inhibits us from having an unclouded vision of the present. Our egotistic perceptions can then get in the way and we are unable to shift our situation into a more positive experience.

If you feel as though this energy center is blocked, there are simple steps to unclog your spiritual sight and awaken your third eye.

Visioning or Visualization

Visioning and visualization are tools that you can use to mentally envision a future that you desire. This can be as simple as envisioning a positive day at work or school, to envisioning a major goal that you want to accomplish as you move forward in life.

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements ~ Napoleon Hill

When I coach the visioning process, I find that it is best to have a specific visualization practice that is scheduled, rather than impromptu. It can simply be a part of your morning ritual.  I also recommend that it is not something that you do all day, every day.

The practice of visioning is a discipline that is meant to help your more effectively engage in your present circumstances.  Three to five minutes a day is plenty. Living in a world of fantasy and disengaging with reality is not a useful tool and can often further cloud the third eye.

Feeling into your visualization is also a very powerful act that can work as a catalyst for your goals. While you are practicing, feel what it is like to have these experiences. What do you smell; who is around you; are there pictures on the wall; what emotions are you feeling related to the visioned event?


Many times the third eye can become blocked as a result of the many judgments we make about our lives and our circumstances. A practice of meditation, even for five minutes a day, can allow us to begin to detach from these judgment thoughts and help us see more clearly our circumstances.

Meditation does not have to be a super spiritual or surreal experience. Also, there are many misconceptions about meditation. Meditation is not an attempt to stop thought. The act of meditation is about focusing on an ‘object’ of mediation and doing your best to keep your attention on that object. This object can be your breath, a mantra, a candle flame, or just about anything that a person can focus on for the duration of their meditation.

If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise ~ Robert Fritz

You cannot stop your mind from thinking, because that’s what your mind naturally does. The process of meditation instead is to allow thought to float through your mind without attachment.  You could see them as a bird flying through your experience.  Just allow them to pass without attachment.

There may be times within meditation where individuals experience ‘the gap’ which is a form of no thought, but this experience cannot be contrived, and I do not recommend students to seek this experience. If it happens, wonderful. If not, that’s fine.

I have found one of the best benefits of meditation is that it allows us to disconnect from our identification with thought.  We are not our thoughts and we certainly don’t have to believe every thought that floats through our minds. When we develop a meditation practice we can begin to recognize the thoughts that flow through our minds without detachment and then throughout the rest of our lives we are able to recognize and detach from thoughts that do not support us on our journey.

Affirmation or Affirmative Prayer

Affirmations or affirmative prayers are simply statements that we can say to ourselves, out loud, or in front of a mirror that are supportive in what we want to experience in our lives. There are a myriad of affirmations that can be used to shift our life experiences.
Here are a few affirmations that can be used to help us see our lives more clearly:

I am aware.

I see clearly.

I am willing to see this situation with the eyes of love.

I see the Truth in this situation.

I see the positive and good in every situation.

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside awakens ~ Carl Jung

Affirmations are a practice and unlike visioning, it is often best to use an affirmation several times throughout the day.

When you first start an affirmation, it may feel untrue, but this ‘untrue’ feelings are simply the doubts you have built up that represent the limitations or blocks you are experiencing.  When using affirmations what we are doing is changing a thought or belief we have about a situation. So, it is normal for an affirmation to feel uncomfortable the first few times we use them.

There are many strategies to opening the third eye from specific mantras to hand mudras, to energy healing. These are the three things that I have found most beneficial in my own experience and in the experience of my clients.

About The Author: Cosmic Coach

Cosmic Coach (James) is a Christian Minister, a teacher and an Energy Guide. He has been seeing and talking with Angels and Guides since he was 7. As a teen, it dawned on him the unique connection he had. He prayed for others at his family’s Christian church, and received direct messages and healing energy from Spirit. As a young adult, he became ordained and is still attached to the Christian Church today. After mentoring with a remarkable psychic woman, he developed his own tools and began his full-time psychic practice. James has mastered many techniques in his psychic practice to connect with the unique heart center of each of his clients. He is a Reiki Master of many traditions, who is adept at crystal healing, card readings, and delivering detailed messages from Angels and Guides. James is always expanding the base of his knowledge to broaden his reach and serve as many clients as possible. To experience a unique reading personally designed for you, you can find Cosmic Coach at

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