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Lessons From The Wisdom Of Children

Get a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comWe can learn a lot from children, when we look at things from their perspective. There are five special little ones in my life: three granddaughters and two grandsons, who range in ages from 6 years to 1 month.

Many women in my age group, known as the Baby Boomers, were so busy trying to get a career going, as well as have a family. We thought we could do it all, but we missed many of the little things that our children had to teach us. I was not immune to this.

Now that I have grandchildren in my life, and I have the ability to take the time to see things differently, I have learned many life lessons.

Lesson 1 – Count Your Blessings

This past weekend, I had my two year old granddaughter here for the weekend. She has been diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis and has a variety of medicines that she is taking. I am so sad when I watch this young child suffer needlessly, because of a disease that she should never have had in her life. She can be happy and running one minute, and then stopped in her tracks and unable to get up the next.

Every child you encounter is a divine appointment ~ Wess Stafford

What has this taught me?  First of all, not one of us knows what tomorrow is going to bring. We may be healthy right now and wake up in a few hours unable to move. We may be running and playing one moment, and crying in pain the next.

Don’t take any day for granted and give thanks for the blessings of what you can do at this moment. Your life can change in an instant, so enjoy this moment in time, no matter where you are at in your life, no matter what your health situation, because in a flash, it change all change.

Lesson 2 – It’s Okay To Say No!

I have also watched as two of my granddaughters have such a good grasp on the word “no.” We tend to get agitated when it is said to us as an adult from a child, however how many times do you say yes to another adult and are then miserable because you did? Children say what they feel and as adults we tend to hide that aspect of our life and say yes to many things that just frustrate us, or give us knots inside. Children don’t give an explanation of why they said no to something, they just say it firmly.

“No” is a complete sentence.  You need not explain why you are saying no. If it does not feel good to you, just say no and stick with it. You are in charge of your life and where it goes. If you are a ‘yes person,’ you will never truly have your own power.

Lesson 3 – Never Stop Dreaming

My eldest grandson, who is constantly curious and wants to know how everything works, also has a huge imagination. He dreams big and he creates big. He made a replica of Toronto’s CN Tower out of cardboard and duct tape, with a little help from his parents. He calls it “his invention.”  As I watched the video they sent me, I realized that this child knows how to dream and create.  How many of us know how to dream? How many of us have given up on our dreams? How many of us are of the mindset that it will never happen, so why bother?

A child’s mind knows no limits and if their imagination is allowed to grow, the sky is the limit. They see things that we adults never see and experience. We all need to go back to this point of living, and dreaming.

Never stop dreaming. Never stop creating your life in the manner that matters the most to you.  See the world without limitations and go as high as you dream you can go.

Children see magic because they look for it ~ Christopher Moore

Lesson 4 – Trust In Abundance

My youngest granddaughter and the newest addition grandson are experiencing new life and new things every day. Recently my granddaughter had her first taste of food. This was something new and different. In the video they sent me, she just trusted her parents, opened her mouth and knew that they would put something good in it. Similar to a baby bird that just trusts the mother and father to provide for it. Her eyes grew big and she made the funniest faces as she tasted each bite, but she went for it!

How many times do you just trust your Source and Angels to bring you the things you need for survival and openly and willing accept what comes – no matter how big, or how small. How many times do you balk at what is placed in front of you?

Trust that Universe, Source, God knows what your needs are. Trust that you will always have your needs met. Do not let a poverty consciousness fill your thoughts. Abundance and provision is there as long as you trust and just allow it to come.

Lesson 5 – Celebrate Diversity

Seeing my grandchildren all in one room together, they are different ages, unique personalities, each with different levels of independence. This is also how we are as adults. Each one of us is unique and we do not all need the same attention or guidance as the next person does. Everyone has a different lifestyle, things that they love being a part of, and different needs, depending on their personality and stage of life. What one person sees as a gift another may see as a hindrance.

My grandchildren do not always get along; each has a very unique personality. One is polite and loving; one is a spitfire and just too cute not to love; one is so intelligent and needs to know how everything works and always wants to share his knowledge; and the baby is just a cuddle bug for the moment. However, in the end they truly do love each other, and they are loved by their parents and grandparents.

Celebrate and respect diversity. Know that you are not the same as everyone else, nor are they the same as you. You can have a different personality and get along with someone else or love someone else. You do not need to change another person to conform to what you want, nor do you need to change for another person.

Lesson 6 – Always Speak Your Truth

When one of my grandchildren likes something, they let me know. When they don’t like something, they also let me know… in no uncertain terms! They are opinionated and often say things that make me laugh… and cringe. They do not censor their words or repress their inner voice. They speak freely, even if it’s not what we as adults want to hear.

Speak your truth at all times. Never allow another person to take your power away, by conforming to what they want to hear.  When you live life this way, you are setting boundaries as to what is and isn’t acceptable to you. You are not going to say things to purposely hurt another person, however if you are unhappy and hold it in, it is hurting you and slowly eroding your personal power. So, always speak your truth, however be considerate when you need to be.

These are just some of many life lessons these babies have taught me over the past few years. There are many others and I know I will continue to learn as time goes on.

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