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Rid Yourself Of Psychic ‘Junk’

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comAnyone who lives in a big city knows that space is at a premium these days. And that’s just elbow room. We seldom talk about our psychic space, which is constantly being bombarded. How in the world do we protect ourselves?

First and foremost, you need to have healthy boundaries. Each of us needs and deserves to have a safe place, a sense of self-worth, and protection from others. Think about what happens to a beach that is battered constantly by waves. It will wear down and eventually disappear. If you don’t have boundaries, your very identity will be like those grains of sand.

Learning to connect back to the Earth and nature is essential to our well-being. This can be as simple as walking without shoes in a natural space, or by keeping plants in your living space. When we are separate from our natural selves, we lose perhaps the most important part of our soul. By walking in nature, you are literally reconnecting. Like a lightning bolt discharging energy when it strikes solid ground, you are releasing all the negative energies that accumulate in your body. Take a friend, or walk your dog if you have one.

Choose to care more about how you feel about yourself than whether or not your neighbor approves. We are our happiest when we live our lives in a way that is aligned with our authentic selves ~ Joyce Marter

If these energies, and their associated negative effects, are like frantic little animals in the cage of our bodies, we need to find ways to calm them. Centering rituals using meditation, candles, crystals, or whatever individual tradition you may follow, need to be part of your day, just like meals and baths. Find at least fifteen minutes daily to clear your mind and spirit, concentrating as you do so. Feel others physically leaving. Enjoy the sense of peace and calm which follows. It is often said that learning to breathe is the first step towards meditative practice. Just getting a sense of the energies within will help rid you of all the “bad stuff.”

Symbolism can be a powerful ally in our defenses. There may be clouds of negative energy around you affiliated with former relationships, jobs, anything that makes you anxious or tense. You may wish to try burning old letters, memos, or associated items. Use a white candle and develop a mantra, such as “this is now gone, it can no longer trouble me.” There is something very powerful in physically ridding yourself of a stressor. Psychically, it also serves as notice to the universe that you have released this energy.

While it’s essential to our well-being to keep our defenses up and regularly rid ourselves of unhealthful energies, we can’t constantly wear a spiritual suit of armor. Consider how awkward an armored knight walking around in his suit would feel, or how lonely and cold his castle with its many armaments would be. We are designed to interface with the universe and all its energies, which means we have to take in the good, as well as the bad.

Our bodies’ organ systems rid us of physical impurities like waste and germs. It’s our minds, our souls, which must do the job of cleansing our psychic “junk.” Learning to do this can be challenging, but how much better must we feel once we learn how!

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