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Your Angels As Your Co-Creators

click here for a free reading at PsychicAccess.comWhen we think of angels, we typically think of spiritual wisdom, guardianship, personal serenity and metaphysical insight. But did you know angels can also aid us in our creative pursuits? Have you ever heard of being inspired by a muse or divine inspiration? That is the sure sign of angels at work.

Two Archangels in particular, Jophiel (Beauty of God) and Uriel (Fire of God) are known for their association with creative inspiration. If you’re a creative person feeling stuck, or at a loss, call upon these angels for their assistance.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to create a vision board with a series of images and sayings which relate to your personal creative hopes and dreams. You may also include these two angels in your daily meditations or prayers. Or try writing an open letter to them. They are always listening and willing to help, but only if we call upon them for assistance.

When you begin to rely upon your angels in your creative work, you may find that ideas seem to arise from nowhere. It may be that a previously undiscovered talent, or the rekindling of an old one, surprises you. In our mortal lives, we often judge creativity by strict standards. Angels, on the other hand, do not. Every creative act is a gift worth celebrating. You will find that you are less judgmental of your own innate abilities, and thus able to create more fully. Creative obstacles like ‘writer’s block’ and similar afflictions will start to disappear.

No one was ever great without some portion of divine inspiration ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

Along with aiding us in what we think of as artistic pursuits, our angels also give us creative inspiration in other parts of life. For example, they may help us find ways to communicate more effectively, or to solve problems which have us at a loss. Have you ever had an ‘aha moment’ where a new idea suddenly came to you? That was probably one of your angels whispering gently in your ear. They can even be with us in stressful times when creativity is needed, such as during job interviews, taking tests, or relating bad news to relatives. Who among us hasn’t needed divine help in one of those situations?

Just as the universe is infinite, the angels, as messengers of the divine, are also infinite and boundless in their abilities. You, as a creative soul, have access to a well with an endless supply of the clearest, most pure water in existence.

It’s important along the way to give gratitude to our angels for their assistance. Some people have even been known to dedicate great works of art to the Divine! Start where you are with what you have – even Michelangelo or Mozart had to begin somewhere. Remember that all that we do creatively is a reflection of the divine hand. When we create, it is an act of honoring and respecting our angels.

If you are sitting there right now with a set of colored pencils or a piano gathering dust… it’s time to shake off the dust, untap your creative side, and start creating once more with an angel, or two, at your side.

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