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Ways To Improve Your Memory

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comI have been teaching memory classes for 15 years based on my practice of Yoga. There are many yogic techniques that can help improve and protect our memory.

The most powerful tool for memory is the spine. There is a spinal fluid that runs up the spine and feeds the brain. It brings oxygen, blood and nutrients to the brain. When the spine becomes restricted and tight, and is not properly stretched, worked and used, it restricts the flow of these nutrients to the brain. This causes memory loss.

I believe this is why many people who have had back injuries report to me that they also have noticed problems with their focus, concentration and memory. This is also why people who practice Yoga claim to have improved their focus, concentration and memory. The movement and strengthening of the spine is emphasized in Yoga. I also believe the movement in Yoga stimulates the Kundalini energy that moves up the spine, and that also improves memory. Continue reading

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