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My Spiritual Journey To Artistic Triumph

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comIn the realm of creativity, the road to success often winds through valleys of doubt, self-questioning, and external skepticism. My artistic journey was no exception, marked by over 12 years of struggling with self-doubt about my talent.

Fortunately, the turning point in my career came from a profound spiritual transformation that not only dissolved my insecurities, but catapulted me into the radiant light of artistic recognition.

The Valley Of Doubt

Early in my artistic career, the art industrial art complex echoed with the voices of snooty gallery curators who, with dismissive gestures, suggested that my work lacked that elusive quality called “talent.

My artistic endeavors became a constant battle against self-doubt, a relentless inner saboteur that continually cast shadows over my creative efforts. Meanwhile, the rejection letters piled up, creating a formidable barrier between my aspirations and the artistic recognition I craved.

In the depths of artistic despair, I found solace and inspiration in the words of the iconic Audrey Hepburn: “I was born with an enormous need for affection and a terrible need to give it.” This resonated with my journey, where the rejection I faced became the catalyst for a personal reckoning. I decided to turn the tables on those who had once rejected my work. Every “no” I received was transformed into my own resounding “no” to doubt and limitation.

You start to live when you commit your life to cause higher than yourself. You must learn to depend on divine power for the fulfillment of a higher calling ~ Lailah GiftyAkita

The Muse Beckons

The personal reckoning in time became a spiritual awakening as I ventured deeper into self-awareness, personal empowerment and psychic development. Exploring my newfound awareness and delving deeper into my spiritual practice, a profound realization dawned upon me — the need to align my art with a higher purpose.

It was during this transformative period that I received an unexpected invitation from a well-known artist to display my work alongside hers in a museum exhibition. This was more than an opportunity; it was a cosmic nod of affirmation that my artistic expression had value and significance.

The museum exhibition marked a pivotal moment in my journey. No longer bound by the judgments of the past, I now had the power to say “no” to those who had once rejected my work. With newfound confidence, I became a magnet for those who truly understood and appreciated the depth and uniqueness of my art. The shift from a position of vulnerability to one of empowerment was palpable.

In the crucible of doubt, my artistic journey had found its spiritual alchemy, transforming rejection into a powerful catalyst for self-belief. The museum exhibit became a testament to the resilience of the spirit and the radiance that emerges when doubt is replaced by unwavering faith in one’s unique expression.

Everybody has a natural gift. When you tap into whatever your gift is that will allow you to connect organically with others and will lead to more positive outcomes in your life ~ Germany Kent

The Radiant Triumph

With the shackles of doubt removed, I found myself in a position to choose where to show my art. The galleries that had once deemed my work unsuitable were now vying for the opportunity to display it. My journey had taken me from the valley of doubt to the shining peak of artistic triumph.

The metamorphosis was not only about overcoming doubt, but also about creating a spiritual magnet that attracted individuals who resonated with the essence of my work. My art, far from conforming to conventional norms, became a beacon for those seeking something beyond the ordinary, something that stirred the soul and challenged the ordinary.

Now, as I stand in the midst of deciding where to shine my artistic light, I reflect on the transformative power of spiritual direction. The valley of doubt is a distant memory, and the glow of artistic triumph is a beacon guiding me forward — a testament to the miraculous breakthroughs and profound changes that can occur when we align our creative pursuits with a higher purpose.

About The Author: Runa

Runa is a reader with unique gifts and she, herself, is a gift that keeps on giving to others and her community. She is spiritually, artistically, and creatively talented, nourishing her soul through selfless work with incarcerated teens and through her reading practice in Germany and with clients around the world. She is a Rune expert, a Reiki Master, a gifted oracle reader, accompanied always by her Northern Light Guides, present at every reading. Along with her compassionate, direct truths and the non-judgment readings she offers, Runa provides positive energy that relieves burdens and reveals a pathway to future goals. From early on, she could read the energy of those around her, but her study of ancient runes and symbols opened a book for answers to assist and guide others along their path. Runa has read for over 20,000 clients from all walks of life, and for many corporate clients, as well. She owns her own reading praxis in Germany, where she lives with her husband and beloved cat, “Monster.” For 15 + years, she's inspired, enriched, and emboldened the lives of adults and teens, helping them to fearlessly embrace and creatively express themselves to achieve their dreams. If you'd like a reading from this extraordinary Rune goddess, you can find Runa at

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