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Embracing Art As A Spiritual Resource

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comArt, in its many forms, continues to be a wonderful source of inspiration for my personal and spiritual growth journey. Art has the power to evoke emotion and connect us to feelings and something beyond the immediate boundaries of our lives.

Whether it is a source of divine inspiration or an expression of spiritual wisdom, art has the potential to infuse our lives with beauty and eternal wisdom. Art is a profound spiritual resource.

The deep connection between Renaissance art and spirituality has not only shaped my own artistic and spiritual journey, but has resonated deeply with countless others throughout history.

The Renaissance, which spanned the 14th through the 17th centuries, was a time marked by a thirst for knowledge and exploration. Artists, scholars, and scientists sought to understand and communicate the mysteries of the world and our place in it. As a result, art emerged as a powerful vehicle for expressing and exploring spiritual themes.

Renaissance artists, often working under the patronage of religious institutions, were masters and storytellers of symbolism. Their works, rich with hidden meanings, served as visual representations of faith and devotion. Their artistic masterpieces, including paintings, tapestries, and sculptures, became integral to devotional practices during this period.

I do not insist on a division between spirituality and art, for I think that even things that are not patently spiritual if they come from the heart of a spiritual person are spiritual ~ Thomas Merton 

Interestingly, these artists drew inspiration from classical Greek and Roman art, celebrating the human form while delving into its spiritual dimensions.

Michelangelo’s David stands as an eternal testament to the mastery of the study of the physical to express the spiritual. This famous work of art has captured the hearts and souls of generations and is a testament to art’s timeless ability to transcend. The study of the human form gives us the opportunity to reflect on our own individual place in the vast cosmos.

The dedication and vision of the Renaissance artists have been a source of inspiration for me. Their ability to embody in their art the virtues of unconditional love, grace, beauty, and serenity resonates as something truly timeless and divine. Their works evoke a sense of awe and admiration that touches the deepest parts of our souls.

By engaging works of art, we can experience a sense of comfort and peace, as well as feelings of unease and being challenged. Art invites us to an encounter, which is a gift – a spiritual gift that might bring us into a deeper relationship with God ~ Lee Colombino

Consider what inspires you and reflects for you your own place in the grand scheme of life. Does art serve as a conduit for your spiritual beliefs and contemplation? Perhaps, like me, the allure of Renaissance art sparks a resonance in your heart, inviting you to explore and discover your own spiritual connection through the artistic expressions of that era.

Art, especially that of the Renaissance, has a unique ability to spark introspection and inspire a deeper understanding of our spiritual selves. As you navigate this rich period of art, allow its wonders to awaken something profound within you.

Embrace art as a spiritual resource. Let it speak to your soul and relish the opportunity to connect with the timeless and transcendent qualities that lie within these masterpieces.

About The Author: Cheanne

Cheanne’s Divine gifts came to her in her early 20’s, when this young Australian accountant felt suddenly compelled to take a creative art class. On the blank canvas, she saw a face that moved her greatly, and she painted it. The brush took on a life of its own, as she painted the divine presence of Buddha. We are not alone, she suddenly knew, and that feeling has stayed with her ever since! Messages and healing have come through her art work and from her Intuitive sessions that connect clients with spiritual guidance to navigate through life’s changes and challenges. She also helps clients tap into and experience their own unique gifts. Since 2013, Cheanne’s helped business owners achieve their creative visions, she’s provided clients with portraits of their Angels and Guides, and she’s channeled messages at New Age Festivals, Expos, from her local practice room, home studio, via phone and internet, and through the dozens of group workshops and intimate retreats she’s provided. Her unconditional, loving support has touched thousands, and acts as a bridge to connect clients with a powerful, Divine Guidance. You can find this unique and wonderfully talented Intuitive at

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