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Your Sacred Center Of Self-Love

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comWe all thrive on being loved. This is natural, of course, if you look back at humanity in history on an evolutionary level.  Ancient people came together in tribes, families, and groups, to cultivate a place of safety, security, nurturance, and love. If you were different or stood out in any way, or even left the tribe, you were literally putting your own life at risk. This topic can be viewed from so many arenas, including psychological, spiritual, scientific, and psychic.

I often wonder how and when did we start defining ourselves by how others felt about us, and why did we believe that other’s thoughts about us were true? At what point in time did we allow others to define us? It’s as though we as humanity went into a deep trance.

We all know the phrase, “Love thyself first”. When did we forget this vital piece of information? There are many ways we can come back in touch with this essential truth, but for the most part, our society does not support a lifestyle that would naturally lead us back to our sacred center of self-love. How often do you take a moment to look in the mirror, or tell yourself, “I love you?” Most of us feel silly doing this, but it is very healing.

Have you ever met an older person who behaves in ways that are foolish or who just doesn’t give a hoot what anyone else thinks? My paternal grandfather used to throw dinner rolls across the table at me in fancy restaurants. While my parents and other family seated at the table would roll their eyes at my Grampy, I used to laugh hysterically!

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world ~ Lucille Ball

One of the most obvious arenas where self-love is most beneficial is in intimate love relationships. It is natural to want to share love with another, we are pretty much hard-wired that way as a species. However, when we look to another as a way of knowing whether we are self-worthy or lovable enough, this is where we can run into trouble. Sometimes your one and only is going to adore you, other times loathe you. Love relationships can be one of the most difficult arenas for us as souls to navigate, but it seems we grow the most from them and is where we learn the greatest lessons too.

Next time you have a disagreement or falling out in a love relationship, look in the mirror and say, “I love you”, give yourself a big hug, and then send the rest of the lousy feelings back to the Light. Imagine a flock of cherub angels bringing you a silver platter and holding it in front of you.  Place your burdens on it and see the angels taking the silver platter away with your problems, whisking them back to the Divine to be resolved at a higher level.

Once you feel the angels have taken your problem to the Light, here are a few ways to restore your sovereignty.

Cleansing Bath

Take a hot bath with sea salts and rose quartz gemstones pieces. Place the rose quartz stones in a tea bag or netting where they will be contained so that you do not step on them and hurt your feet. If you have dried rose petals, or rose oil, put these in the bath as well. Choose some soothing music to play and light a candle or two to put by the bath.

As you step into the bathtub, release all thoughts that you have about this matter. Feel the power of the sea salts scrubbing away any hurt or anger and detoxifying your body, mind, and spirit.

Self-care is never a selfish act—it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others ~ Parker Palmer


Lay down on a flat surface, either your bed, sofa, or the best is the floor. Feel yourself sinking into a comfortable place as you allow all the muscles in your body to relax. Feel the weight of your body completely supported by Mother Earth. The Earth is so healing and will take any heavy emotions you are carrying and bring it to its center to be transmuted and healed. See yourself wrapped in a pink blanket and being loved and soothed by The Great Mother.


Talk to yourself! That’s right. We all do it, and it doesn’t mean you’re crazy. When I’m driving in the car, I have conversations with myself to resolve my problems. Somehow, in voicing how I feel, I get the greatest ‘aha moments’ of clarity. “Our best counsel comes from within”, as my very psychic, greatest Grandmama used to say.


Yes, we forget to breathe sometimes, or we are chest breathing rather that breathing from our diaphragm. Focus on the area two inches below your naval and imagine that you’re breathing from there. Also, when you mouth breathe, as we often do during arguments or when we get upset, we lose a lot of oxygen, and our normal levels drop. Resume breathing through your nose, slowly, and deeply. Within a few minutes, your thoughts will become clearer and you will feel less agitated, and your oxygen levels bounce right back to normal.

Our self-respect tracks our choices. Every time we act in harmony with our authentic self and our heart, we earn our respect. It is that simple. Every choice matters ~ Dan Coppersmith


Most importantly, love yourself enough to never compromise your integrity, your principals, or self-respect to make someone else happy! You will for sure get signs of discomfort when you do and will only need to revisit this topic. Someone else’s problems are not yours. The most you can do is your best and if your best isn’t good enough, then good riddance!


Understand that no one is perfect. Find a place of wisdom within you that knows we all make mistakes. Forgiving yourself and others is one of the greatest ways of creating self-love, and it the shortcut to spiritual enlightenment.

Lastly, remember that the Earth plane is a temporary dwelling and that we are all just visitors here until we transcend back to the spirit world. Live each day of your life as though it were your last. Love yourself and others with no limits, and remember the love you seek most resides inside of you.

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