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Choosing Your Own Tarot Deck

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comPurchasing your own Tarot deck may seem overwhelming for the newcomer, but can actually be a very magical experience. Back in the ‘dark ages,’ when I decided to purchase my first Tarot deck, I remember getting a plethora of recommendations from others to buy certain decks. I was overloaded with opinions, none of which I listened to in the end.

I’ve always been a bit of a rebel, so I chose a deck that I felt most drawn to. I remember the day well, I visited a little metaphysical shop in Michigan and was immediately drawn to the back of the store, where there were some revolving racks with Tarot decks on display. I felt almost mesmerized by one deck.  It’s theme was angelic, and although the images, design, and roman numerals were not really suited for a beginner, it didn’t matter to me, I bought the deck anyway.

When I got it home, I took it into my herbal room, laid it out on some black silk, to anoint it with consecration oils of rosemary, basil, star anise, frankincense, myrrh, and patchouli. I held a pendulum over the cards to program it with my intentions, and to activate it.

After that, I fanned the cards out on my herbal table and slowly waved my palm over the deck, sending my energies into it to align and connect with it as my sacred tool. Lastly, I asked Spirit to oversee the deck by placing it into the right hands once they left mine.

Remember that the Tarot is a great and sacred arcanum – its abuse is an obscenity in the inner and a folly in the outer. It is intended for quite other purposes than to determine when the tall dark man will meet the fair rich widow ~ Jack Pasons

I allowed the fanned cards to sit out overnight, after I placed a magical healing wand and some crystals and gemstones around it, to help charge the energies. In the morning I gathered the cards up and gave them a shuffle.

For the first month of using them, not knowing what any of the cards meant, I continually got the Queen of Pentacles. From what I had read in various Tarot books, it often referred to an earth sign female, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, which I am not (being a Gemini). The card could also refer to a pregnant woman, or a lady who was successful in business. I couldn’t figure out why I kept getting this card, because none of those meanings fit me?

It wasn’t until years later that I realized the Tarot was telling me that I would make money using the Tarot and that I was pregnant with a marketable idea of opening a Tarot reading business. I love seeing the Queen of Pentacles in readings now, because I know that it means the client I am reading for holds an unbirthed potential to be prosperous in a creative area of their life.

Choosing a pouch in which to place your cards is also important. There are many buying choices out there. My favorite ones are the kind that have a Velcro® top, so the cards stay snug while you’re on the go. I keep gemstones inside my Tarot pouch, with my deck of citrine, amethyst, blue kyanite, and black tourmaline, but you can choose any stones that feel right to you.

If you’d like to practice using the cards on someone else, I’d recommend drawing a card or two for a family member or friend who is open-minded, and who has a question they’d like to ask.

There are many methods for developing the “sense of symbols” in those who are striving to understand the hidden forces of Nature and Man, and for teaching the fundamental principles as well as the elements of the esoteric language. The most synthetic, and one of the most interesting of these methods, is the Tarot ~ D. Ouspensky

I recall that in one of my first Tarot classes we were asked to read for another person in the class. I was paired up with a woman who was very tight lipped; and wasn’t going to give me an inch as far as specifics to her question. It made me feel a bit uncomfortable, but I went ahead and read for her anyway. The cards were so spot on that her jaw dropped.  She knew more about the Tarot than I did at the time, and I recall her surprised reaction as to how accurately the cards fit her situation.

I would still suggest reading for a friend first, because it is far easier and far more comfortable practicing with someone who is not making you feel like you’re being tested or judged. However, I will admit that being thrown into the deep end that day forced me to trust completely in Spirit and allow the Tarot to bring forth the truth.

No matter what walk of life you’re from, it matters not. If you are drawn to buy a Tarot deck, it is most likely you are meant to have one. I happen to believe when you come in contact with the right deck, it’s actually choosing you! Your new Tarot deck could very well become your closest ally and greatest teacher in life. It is truly a keeper and container for the Great Mysteries.

About The Author: Isadora

Known as The Psychic's Psychic, since 1998, Isadora has read for thousands all over the world, her impressive list including clients from the Obama administration, Fortune 500 CEO's and notable names in Hollywood. Her detailed (Gemini) accuracy is nothing short of astounding, with her ability to see people at the Soul Level and clearly answer questions on a wide range of subjects, from relationship matters, business decisions, to past lives, etc.—anything that requires clear answers and pin-point insight. She has the ability to identify hidden patterns that run beneath your current situation, providing you with information to positively change your future. If you'd like a reading with this compassionate, straight forward, laser-accurate and dedicated Psychic, you can find Isadora at

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