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The True Nature Of Forgiveness

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comWhat I have received from Spirit and my mentors about the nature of forgiveness is that it is first of all not about allowing bad behavior in others to continue. This is the most important thing to remember when we are ready to venture into our inner forgiveness journey.

If someone is continually wounding us through their actions or words, it is important to understand that the most loving thing we can do for ourselves and for the other person is to let them go. This may be a scary thing for some people, but to really release our pain we must release the source of the pain. Some situations are reconcilable through an honest reflection of the situation by both parties. However if this is not working, then lovingly releasing that person from your life will not only keep you from being hurt, it will allow you to open up space for relationships that bring value to your human journey.

Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

The second thing that is important to remember is that forgiveness is not forgetting. The journey of forgiveness is a journey of self-discovery, and remembering events that have taken place in our past allow us to recognize and release negative patterns. If we forget the experiences, we can fall into the trap of repeating them.

Forgiveness is therefore not about giving someone a “free pass.” Every human being on this planet is responsible for his or her own actions – not only related to the legal systems of this planet, but also energetically and spiritually. This is where spiritual concepts such as karma come in, however I recommend not falling into the trap of “karma’s gonna get‘em.”  This is a form of bitterness, and does not resolve the energetic quality of the pain that was created through the situation.

Forgiveness is also not a mental exercise. One of my mentors recently pointed this out to me, and it has allowed me to increase the effectiveness of my own healing journey. To forgive it is important to get in touch with our emotions and our own Spirit, that is the only way we are able to move the energy.

From my own personal experience and walk with Spirit I have learned that forgiveness is letting go of the pain. When we have been wounded, energy can get stuck. Our lives are like a moving river, and if you have ever been on a torrential, moving river you will know it is not fun being stuck in the middle of it.  Being stuck in the flow of life can be dangerous, as well as damaging. Forgiveness allows us to move through the energy that is being held hostage by someone’s actions and words.

Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it ~ Mark Twain

Forgiveness Strategies

Exercise. One of my mentors on my spiritual journey recommended walking as way to release stuck energy. This was invaluable advice on my healing journey. Since our injuries can create stuck energy in our bodies and emotions, one of the key ways to get energy moving is to get our physical bodies moving. Exercise your muscles, and get the energy flowing in your system again.

Nutrition. Another strategy that Spirit has indicated to me as paramount in the inner healing process is to eat clean whole foods. In my personal journey I am sticking to eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy grains. Healthy eating strategies not only allow the body to cleanse, but they can also increase your energy and get that stuck energy moving again. It is important to discuss any major diet changes with your physician, especially if you have food-related health conditions.

Attitude. Another key to the process is willingness. Change is not easy, and being willing to change is important as you move forward. When you choose to forgive, you are making a choice to live your life in a way that benefits not only yourself, but those around you. Change however can often feel scary. You may want to affirm to yourself that you are safe as you make changes, and also start telling Spirit that you are willing to change.

Spiritual Practice. Another key to working through these issues is spiritual connection. This does not mean you have to join a religion or anything of that nature, but I recommend prayer and meditation when you are ready to start on your forgiveness journey. One thing that can help tremendously is calling on the archangel Michael to help you through the process. Michael is the protector, and also helps us remove people and patterns in our lives that no longer serve us. Remember, even though Spirit is unseen you have an enormous support system that works on your behalf at the speed of prayer.

Forgiveness is possible for everyone and at all times.  It is our birthright. You deserve to live the life of your dreams, and forgiveness is a primary strategy that can work as a catalyst to achieve those dreams. By being willing to forgive you will find the power to live.

About The Author: Cosmic Coach

Cosmic Coach (James) is a Christian Minister, a teacher and an Energy Guide. He has been seeing and talking with Angels and Guides since he was 7. As a teen, it dawned on him the unique connection he had. He prayed for others at his family’s Christian church, and received direct messages and healing energy from Spirit. As a young adult, he became ordained and is still attached to the Christian Church today. After mentoring with a remarkable psychic woman, he developed his own tools and began his full-time psychic practice. James has mastered many techniques in his psychic practice to connect with the unique heart center of each of his clients. He is a Reiki Master of many traditions, who is adept at crystal healing, card readings, and delivering detailed messages from Angels and Guides. James is always expanding the base of his knowledge to broaden his reach and serve as many clients as possible. To experience a unique reading personally designed for you, you can find Cosmic Coach at

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