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The Secret Power of Enlightened Beings

Click for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comEnlightened beings feel powerful because they are allowing and connecting to an unlimited source of energy. The Divine Energy is unlimited and available to all who seek it. It is continuously pouring forth. Just like the Sun, it has never stopped shining since the beginning of time.

Enlightened beings use all of the energy available to them to manifest the Truth. ­It is not used to carry the veils of illusion into their reality. Each and every time they make a healing change in their reality they free up energy that can be applied to the Truth instead. Imagine how powerful and limitless you can be if you did the same. True ageless power, not the illusory power bought with money, status or material possessions. That is what we should all be going after.

God is your very being. So the first thing is, don’t think about enlightenment as a goal – Osho

The central perception of enlightened humans is that they are not alone. If you live with the limiting belief that life is experienced with only five senses and consists only of that which can be proven in the physical world, you will surely miss out on the multitude of guidance that is so freely available to each and every one of us.

Receiving an insight that removes us from a dangerous situation is an example of Divine Guidance. These messages are from our Essence and are there to help us along the path. The conscious human pays attention and acts upon these intuitive messages. And giving back equal amounts of gratitude for guidance received will ensure that we will continue to be open to it.

Enlightened beings continuously seek to align themselves with the Universal Flow and to become all they can be by consciously asking and receiving the loving assistance of their own Essence. Therein lays the true Magic and Power that we are all seeking.

God is your very being. So the first thing is, don’t think about enlightenment as a goal.
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Mountain Sage's profession is Metaphysical Academics. Her extensive training includes Oracle, Healing, Universal Laws & Principles, the Sacred Circle and Psychic Shielding. Focus includes Ascended Masters, Altars, Minerals, etc. She holds the great honor of Oracle Carrier by her tribe due to her outstanding psychic ability, passion for the psychic realm, integrity and sacred work. Get a psychic reading with Mountain Sage at

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