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Psychic Access Staff Writer Unveils New Teen Novel

Time Warped by Tracey L. PacelliAs a long-time fan of Psychic Access, I first came on-board, not as a writer, but as a client in need of psychic counseling. And boy, did I get it, not just from one talented psychic advisor, but from several! You might even say the info I was given saved my sanity at a time when I had been devastated to learn I had stage IV melanoma.

Many might assume this to be a death sentence, but it wasn’t. It was just the beginning of a transformation that led me to the wonderful place I’m at now—with a teen novel newly minted from Gypsy Shadow Publishing.

One of my favorite psychics confided that she was given the information that it wasn’t my time to pass, and that I needed to flow through the experience, the best way I could. And I did! It wasn’t easy though, and I suffered through some dark days. But, fortunately for me, I was accepted into an experimental cell therapy program at the NIH, after initially being rejected, and I’m happy to report that two years later, I remain cancer free.

Doug, the owner of, in his infinite wisdom hired me as a staff writer and it’s truly been a wonderful experience for me. I’ve met and interviewed so many truly gifted psychics, and have been privileged to edit their biographies. I’ve worked for Doug for many years now and have not had one unhappy moment. In fact, he even built my incredible paranormal blog site for me and generously offered many marketing tips! Continue reading

Care Of The Soul

Get a FREE Psychic Reading Now At PsychicAccess.comOne radical difference between care of the soul and a great deal of modern psychological work is that the former offers a profound appreciation for the personalities who are important in our lives, even if they are flawed people and even if the relationship is not perfect. Psychology prefers to analyze with the goal of increased understanding, yet understanding does little for the soul.

Imagine telling stories of those that have crossed over, not for insight into ourselves, but simply to establish a deep, continuing relationship with them. The soul is given eternity in that exchange, while understanding offers it little more than another fragment of logic. It has nothing to do with establishing a home for the infinite within our finite lives. Continue reading

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