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Every Psychic Prediction Has A Divine Moment To Shine

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comIn today’s fast-paced world, psychic predictions are often met with impatience, a desire for instant validation and quick, easy answers. From a spiritual perspective, however, it is wise to take a step back and allow predicted outcomes to unfold in their own time according to divine plan.

Rather than expecting instant gratification, it is wise to instead focus on one’s own energetic alignment, spiritual expansion and the karmic lessons to be learned along the way.

Our destiny unfolds in divine order, according to divine timing. Every event, even the seemingly insignificant, happens when it is meant to happen, in the way it is meant to happen, and always for our highest good. Patiently trusting that psychic predictions must unfold in their own time is a profound step towards personal and spiritual growth. It is an invaluable karmic lesson.

Every event and circumstance is part of the intricate tapestry of our lives, woven by the cosmic forces and universal laws that govern our existence. By accepting psychic predictions with the trusting patience that God, Source, Spirit, the Divine always has our best interests at heart, we ensure the best possible outcomes for our highest good.

It is always best to surrender our need for constant control and instead place our trust in the Universe, for we often do not know what is best for us, even when we think we do. While we may want to micro-manage every aspect of our own fate and fortune, we are actually very ill-equipped to do so from our limited human perspective. Prophecies and predictions are not bound by human timetables and checklists, but by a divine, higher order.

Patience is a virtue valued in many spiritual traditions. Not only does patience serve our highest good in not trying to rush the Divine, but it is also key to developing all the other coveted spiritual virtues such as compassion, kindness, forgiveness, unconditional love, gratitude, humility, resilience, faith and wisdom.

The universe has the most beautiful plan for you. Allow it to unfold in divine timing. You cannot rush magic ~ Latisha Cotto

In Christianity, patience is considered one of the fruits of the Spirit. In Buddhism, patience is one of the six paramitas, or perfections, of a bodhisattva. In the Hindu tradition, patience is one of the four cardinal virtues, along with truthfulness, non-violence, and non-attachment. In Taoism, patience is one of the three treasures, along with compassion and frugality. And both Neo-Paganism and Wicca emphasize the importance of living patiently in harmony with nature and a reverence for the eternal seasons and cycles of growth, death, and rebirth.

Attaining patience is a mystical power that enables us to overcome obstacles, grow spiritually, and live more peaceful and fulfilling lives. It is the divine art of waiting gracefully, always trusting that the universe has the best plan for us.

We forget that psychic prediction is actually a spiritual practice. And just as other spiritual practices, such as meditation, prayer, breath work, visualization, chanting and ritual, cannot be rushed, neither should psychic predictions be seen as a quick fix with instant results.

Predictions that take time to unfold often test our faith and resilience. They challenge us to hold on to our beliefs even in the face of apparent setbacks or delays. Spiritually, these challenges are opportunities for growth. They teach us to remain steadfast in our convictions and to trust that the universe knows the perfect timing for every outcome.

Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind ~ David G. Allen

Many of the great avatars, prophets, gurus and teachers throughout human history have endured trials and tribulations. Their visionary teachings and prophetic messages were also not immediately recognized, understood or appreciated. In fact, many of them endured much criticism, ridicule and intense suffering as a result. Yet their unwavering faith, patience, and resilience carried them through and vindicated them.

Their experiences mirror our own spiritual journeys and should remind us that belief in the divine plan is a profound wisdom and a path to self-empowerment and fulfillment. In the grand tapestry of life, every psychic prediction is a mystical thread that has a divine moment to shine. We need only trust the universal flow and get out of the way.

About The Author: Priscila

Priscila's fascinating intuitive journey serves as a reminder that embracing one's true calling often requires courage and resilience, but the rewards are immeasurable. This bi-lingual, ex college professor turned professional psychic reader is a natural born psychic, an expert empath, twin flame, intuitive medium, career coach, and channeler, raised in Costa Rica. Making the brave decision to leave her academic career behind her, Priscila embraced the spiritual gifts that were both her calling and passion and began an entirely new second chapter of life, one that neither she nor her many devoted clients would ever regret. From her current home in New England, and with a growing online presence, Priscila dispenses psychic guidance and channeled messages from otherworldly sources that are clear, concise and as life-transformative as she is herself! It's no wonder that Priscila is viewed as an astoundingly accurate reader with a solid base of clients that continues to grow. Clients receive clear answers that relieve burdens and align their souls. Her gratification from assisting individuals in resolving their dilemmas is immeasurable. If you'd like to visit a safe, compassionate space from which to embark on your own brave new journey, you can find Priscila at

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