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Energy Vortexes And Trauma Imprints

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comMany places on Earth have high energy vortexes. Just being in the vicinity of these locations can recharge your energy.

Places where these higher energy vibrations can be found include Mount Shasta in California; Shaftesbury and Glastonbury in England; The Great Pyramid of Giza and Mount Sinai in Egypt; Mount of Olives in Israel; Lake Titicaca in Bolivia-Peru, and so on.

However, you don’t necessarily need to travel to these destinations to experience the effect of energy vortexes. Even in your hometown, if you are highly sensitive to energy, you may feel positive and negative energy vortexes in certain areas.

Negative vortexes tend to attract violence and crime, for example, while positive vortexes affect people in a positive way, making them feel lighter and happy and the neighborhood more friendly and welcoming.

Just like wearing certain crystals, finding positive energy vortexes in your area can help you balance out your own energy. To find the best locations, try meditating in your car by parking in various locations in the area where you live. Sense the different vibrations in different areas.

Sometime our workplace or home itself is not the cause for our unhappiness or discomfort. Instead, it may simply be built on a negative vortex.

I once owned a business that was located on a negative vortex. Locals were convinced the place was haunted, but I personally did not agree. I sensed there were deep energy imprints of past trauma recorded in the place. Many people, including myself, encountered some very dark and freaky things there.

Energetic imprints are energetic structures created when there is a strong release of emotional or mental energy. The imprint is a memory or recording of the energies that create it ~ Craig MacLennan

The janitor told me he would never again come back at night, because he heard and saw too many scary things there. The landlord lived upstairs and was later arrested for drug trafficking. I once saw disembodied legs walk from one side of the hallway to the other. My friend saw it too. But I did not feel any intelligent energy associated with it. It was merely residual energy in the form of embedded trauma.

I eventually lost the business due to these constant energy disturbances. Apparently, no business has ever survived there for very long. I was confident I could change it, but one cannot do much about an energy vortex of this magnitude.

However, I am proud to say that many lightworkers who are familiar with this location have said that during the time I owned it the energy there was light and beautiful. One lady said she saw a rainbow over it in a meditation at the time I owned it and she could feel the vibration had changed for the better. She even encouraged her friend to come work for me.

I made a real effort to heal the energy there. It was definitely an experiment in ‘good versus evil’ and ‘dark versus light.’ I had some success, but over time it became too exhausting to maintain the results and continue the battle.

Every house you live in and office you work in has its own energy. If someone was abused or murdered there, for example, that trauma becomes a residual energy imprint in the place, even after the affected people leave. Some places are also built on land with very traumatized energies, such as former graveyards and forgotten sacred places of indigenous cultures.

One thing common to almost all energy vortexes is their ability to make visitors feel more connected to themselves and to something greater, whether that be God or the Universe itself ~ Kristin Addis

Learning to sense the energy in places is absolutely essential for empaths and highly sensitive people, since it affects us more intensely, whether we are aware of it, or not. It is also wise to always research the history and cultural background of certain locations, before your purchase or rent property there.

When I purchase a house, I first meditate and send part of my energy into the house, to feel what the vibration is there and to sense if I will be happy there. It also helps to start blending my energy with the place, so the adjustment is easier when I move in. If there is any negativity, I begin clearing it before I even arrive.

That business I owned was at the center of a town that had a very negative vibration. I now realize, I agreed to take that on to advance my studies in energy. However, it was very unpleasant. I prefer being in the light and tuning into the energy I am living in, or going to live in helps me to do so.

I currently own a business where people constantly talk about the positive energy, how happy it makes them, and how much they love it here. I definitely prefer it to those disembodied legs I used to see walking around!

About The Author: Satya

Satya lives in Northern California and is a natural Clairvoyant, Empath, Conduit, teacher, author, animal lover, healer, Reiki Master and an advanced yoga instructor. She has provided valuable psychic assistance to Hollywood stars, athletes, and everyone else in-between. A multi-layered Intuitive, with many unique gifts at her disposal, she can give you a doorway into the past as well as a gateway to a happier future. With her long distance energy work, she provides healing for people and animals too! She instantly spots karmic connections from past lives that directly affect current situations, helping clients to move through them quickly. For accurate solutions on just about any pressing problem, you can find Satya at

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