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Transcending Turbulence And Restoring Peace Within

Click Here for a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comOne of the most moving metaphors I have ever heard, describes the calm that rests beneath the surface of the ocean. While there may be waves and turbulence on the top, if you dive down deeper, you will come to waters that are more still.

Similarly, the troubles of life that bring disturbance to the body, mind, and relationship dynamics of the world, occur at levels which are external to the eternal self. By going deeper, peace within can be found.

Spiritual traditions of the world define the self and the soul in varying ways. The ancient Vedic texts, for example, identifies the individual soul as measuring one ten-thousandth the size of the tip of a hair, and states that it is located in the region of the heart, seated beside the Paramatma, or Supreme Soul (God).

In the Vedic tradition, consciousness is recognized as the symptom of the soul, which is carried throughout the body by the blood, as it is circulated by the beating heart. When the heart stops and consciousness leaves the body, it is because the soul has departed.

Lord Krishna further describes in Bhagavad-gita that this atomic soul is never born, and never dies. It is immutable, unchangeable, indestructible, and always aloof from matter and its influences.

These spiritual teachings go on to highlight that the pure eternal soul is one’s real identity – the ‘I’ or ‘me’ felt by each and every living being. In this world, it has become temporarily covered by a subtle body made up of mind, intelligence, and false ego, as well as by the physical body comprised of earth, water, fire, air, and ether. In this state, the modes of material nature act upon it, and one acts out various behaviors compelled by the energies of those coverings. But the soul itself remains untouched and unaffected.

The all-knowing Self was never born, nor will it die. Beyond cause and effect, this Self is eternal and immutable. When the body dies, the Self does not die ~ Katha Upanishad

So, the key to transcending the turbulence of life and love, as well as the troubles of the body and mind,  is to go within and uncover your real, eternal nature, which is ever peaceful and pure. This process can however entail a lifetime – or lifetimes – of consciousness cleansing cultivation, through devotional service, meditation, prayer, and other spiritual practices. But, even right here, right now, in the short term, it is readily helpful to simply remember, “I am a pure eternal soul.”

When that self-reminder is supported by knowledge of the science of the soul – as delineated in sacred texts and passed down through disciplic succession – it fortifies the foundation of one’s spiritual conception of self. As that sense of true spiritual identity becomes awakened, developed, and integrated, beyond theory, peace deepens, and doors to deeper levels of reality then begin to appear and open.

O seeker, know the true nature of your soul, and identify yourself with it completely. O Lord, (may we attain) the everlasting consciousness of Supreme Light and Joy. May we resolve to dedicate our life to the service of humankind, and uplift them to Divinity ~ Yajur Veda

The entire lens of life and love is clarified by this spiritual conception of the self. By the virtue of such true knowledge, humble sages throughout the history of time have been able to see all living beings – whether man, woman, adult, child, black, white, plant, bird, fish, or animal – with equal vision. Deep down where the eternal self resides and disturbance subsides, all good qualities like compassion, forgiveness, patience, understanding, tolerance, security, equality, and grace are consistently reachable, and ready to thrive.

When an intuitive reading is approached with that aim and understanding of the soul, it can be a very beneficial resource in reconnecting deep inside oneself and others, to find peace in any situation.

About The Author: Lotus Grace

Grace is the epitome of her name, having endured a troubling childhood that paved the way for an adult, gentle, energetic grace that she now delivers to others through the gifts of movement, dance, and through her many intuitive gifts that she shares with her clients. For 30 years, this Hudson Valley, NY State resident has cultivated a unique way of helping others, drawing upon God as her best friend, advisor, and the all-encompassing force that is the bedrock of her faith. Her journey has led her to heal and grow through the mud of life and compassionately support others to do the same. She's immersed in the world's diverse faiths with a core that is deeply rooted in more than three decades of immersion in the spiritual practices and wisdom of devotional lineages. Her inner relationship with God/Spirit has deepened the intuitive sights, sounds, scents, and senses that unfold profoundly when she dances. Since 2004, Grace has run a spiritual healing arts and dance sanctuary, where she intuitively nurtures children, teens, and adults. In her client readings, she taps into her Empathic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Intuitive healing to help clients access the divine guidance they need. If you're searching for a little added Grace, spiritual energy, and the answers you need, you can find Grace at

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